“Dormashmet” Plant


The State small business «Dormashmet» for the metal preprocessing and production of consumer goods was founded in 1990. The Minsk Scientific and Production Association «Dormash» and the factory «Udarnik» were the main its founders.

In 1993 the factory «Dormashmet», the legal successor of the State small business «Dormashmet», became a part of the concern «Amkodor» and in 2002 became a structural unit of the JSC «Amkodor-Udarnik». The main activity was the organization of blank production, metal recycling, production of welded structures for all the companies, included in the «Amkodor» system.



The total area of the factory is 14, 85 hectares, working area is 9500 sq.m., warehouses – 7900 sq.m., administrative and domestic premises – 2820 sq.m.

The number of employees at the factory «Dormashmet» on 01/10/2011 is of 259 people, including engineers and technical personnel – 41, workers with piece wage – 115, time-rate workers – 103 people.


Currently at «Dormashmet» more than 120 units of different processing equipment involved in the production, including:

  1. Band and disc-cutting machines (EVERISING and BIG STONE, Taiwan; MEBA, Germany; AMADA, Japan)
  2. Machine 4-Roller Brake (IMCAR, Italy)
  3. Gas -Plasma Cutting (ESAB, MESSER, Germany)
  4. Laser Cutting press(MAZAK, Japan)
  5. Welding machines (CEBORA, Italy).
  6. CNC Brake Press (LVD, Belgium).

Deterioration of the active part of the main production funds is 34%.

The growth rate of production of the factory «Dormashmet» in comparable prices in 2010 towards 2009 was 167,8%. During the first 9 month of 2011 the growth rate of production volume in comparable prices towards the same period of 2010 was 133,4%.
The output in 2010, as compared with 2009, increased by 124,9%, and for the 9 month of 2011, in comparison with the same period of 2010, increased by 124,5%.

Currently at «Dormashmet» are produced:

  • Blanks from sheet metal and round
  • Working attachments welded assemblies
  • Working attachments(buckets, snowplow blades, bulldozer blades, unblocking jibs)
  • Blanks from the round and profiled metal
  • Large scale manufacturing (bearing fork trucks, rotary beams, frames, cards, adapters, wings)

The following activities are carried out:
Metal recycling;

The following methods of metal treatment are used:

  • Laser and gas-plasma sheet metal cutting;
  • Punching;
  • Bending and rolling of details;
  • Sheet metal cutting on guillotine
  • Cutting a round metal at the belt-disc cutting machines;
  • Welding of details and units.


Acting Director:
Anatoly Gaiko
the body. 8 (017) 508 37 08

Chief engineer:
Vladimir Yakovlev
the body. 8 (017) 508 37 05


«Dormashmet», Promyshlennaya St. 18, Kolodeshchy village, Minsk district, 223051, Belarus

Web: www.amkodor.by