“Udarnik” Plant


The plant «Udarnik» was founded February 1, 1927, as work team for the children toys production. In September, 1927 it was reorganized into the plant «Vozrojzdeniye».

By December, 1929 there were manufactured beds, sleds, baby buggies and bikes, cans and kettles, toys and furniture made of wicker, sculptured busts and bas-reliefs and also goods made of papier-macieacute.

“Udarnik” Plant

In May, 1930 the factory became the part of the Supreme Economic Council Belmetallobedineniya BSSR and developed the production of absolutely new goods – the decimal scale. In September of that year by employee's initiative the factory «Vozrojzdeniye» was renamed into «Udarnik».

In 1951 the factory was handed to the USSR Ministry of Road and Construction Engineering. The specialization of the enterprise was changed to the production of road-building machines.

In 1983 the factory became a part of the Minsk Scientific and Production Association «Dormash» of USSR Ministry of Construction, Road and Municipal Engineering.

In April, 1991 «Udarnik» became one of the main founders of the Joint-Stock Company Amkodor.

In 2002 the unitary enterprise, the plant «Udarnik» lost the legal entity status and entered into the corporation of Amkodor as its structural unit.

“Udarnik” Plant


The total area of the plant is 11, 0244 hectares, the working area is 38811 square meters; warehouses – 5400 sq.m., administrative-household premises – 10 414 кв.м.

The number of employees of the factory «Udarnik»  on 01.10.2011 is 1074 people, including engineers and technical personnel  – 137, workers – 937.


Currently 506 pieces of equipment involved in the production, including:

  1. CNC vertical milling machines (HAAS, USA)
  2. CNC lathes (HAAS, USA; DOOSAN, Korea)
  3. CNC horizontal boring machines (DOOSAN, Korea)
  4. Machining centers (SHW, Germany; DOOSAN, Korea; HAAS, USA)
  5. CNC planing and milling machine (Mitsubishi, Japan)
  6. Grinding and sharpening center (SAACKE, Germany)
  7. 4-axis CNC control pipe bending (SOCO Machinery CO., LTD, Taiwan)

Welding equipment is used, including:
– Semiautomatic welders, made in Italy, Sweden, Austria, USA
– Manual plasma cuttings, made in Italy

Deterioration of the active part of the main production facilities on the balance JSC Amkodor is 44,63%.

Today the following heavy machinery mastered and produced at the«Udarnik»:

  • AMKODOR 332C4 – Multipurpose wheel loader
  • AMKODOR 332С4-01 – Multipurpose wheel loader
  • AMKODOR 342В  – Wheel loader
  • AMKODOR 342В-01 – Wheel loader
  • AMKODOR 342Р-01– Peat loader
  • AMKODOR 342С4 – Multipurpose  wheel loader
  • AMKODOR 352 – Wheel loader
  • AMKODOR 352L – Log loader
  • AMKODOR 352С – Multipurpose  wheel loader
  • AMKODOR 352С-02 – Multipurpose tamping hay wheel loader
  • AMKODOR 211 – Skid steer loader
  • AMKODOR 320 – Multipurpose wheel loader
  • AMKODOR 527 – Telehandler
  • AMKODOR 451А – Fork Lift truck
  • Machine complete set for the wheel loader
  • AMKODOR  332В  
  • Machine complete set for the wheel loader
  • AMKODOR  333В


Udarnik Plant Director:
Kulik Vladimir
Tel./fax: +375 (017) 308 32 06


«Udarnik», 220013, P.Brovki St, 8, Minsk, Republic Belarus
Web: www.amkodor.by