“Amkodor-Unikab” LLC


In 1944 in Molodechno the office of «Glavavtotractorsbyt» was founded, on the basis of which «Mezhraiagropromtechnika» also in Molodechno was created.


On July, 1991 on the ground of «Mezhraiagropromtechnika» the company «Unikab» LLC was established, which in 2005 was renamed the CC «Amkodor-Unikab». Just the name reflects the specialization of the enterprise: since its very beginning it has been producing the standardized cabs for loaders, road-building and timber trucks. After the period of becoming through the continuous reconstruction process and technical re-equipment, introduction of new high-tech devices, the CC «Amkodor-Unikab» raised the production to the level of modern technology, invariably increasing the production rate. Over the last three years the range of the cabs, produced at the «Amkodor- Unikab», increased by 30 units.

Since August, 2010, the company has begun development of new import-substituting equipment – electric forklifts AMKODOR E16, AMKODOR E25, electric-platform AMKODOR EP30. In 2010 33 loaders produced, for 10 months of 2011 - 109 loaders.

Currently «Amkodor-Unikab» is the only producer of the electric forklift loaders in Republic of Belarus.

Today it is a promising, dynamic enterprise, which operates with more than 400 people; including 107 engineers and technicians, 306 workers, the average age of the employees is 43 years. The organization has the optimum for production development, renewal the range and output of new production and also modernization of production models.

To perform these tasks the factory has the following technological equipment:


«Amkodor-Unikab» is a legal entity unit, has a separate property, and incurs a liability for its obligations.

  • range of sheet metal laser cuttings Impuls 4020R;
  • CNC press brake (model PPEB EFL 170/30);
  • Semi-automatic welders of the firm ESAB.

In 2008 the new welding workshop, the area of which is 1290 sq.m., was put into operation. It is equipped with the ventilation system «Sovplim».

In the nearest future in the mechanic-blanking workshop will be established:

  • Laser cutting Space Gear 510 Mark II/ 2,5 kW;
  • CNC vertical milling machine, model VCN515c-II;
  • CNC multi-purpose lathe, model QTS200M-II with driven tools and feeder rods;
  • Guillotine shears, type of CFO 208 FARINA (list 6-8 mm, metal 09G2C, the width is 2100 mm);
  • 4 single-girder supported cranes Olimpia, lifting capacity is of 10 000 – 5 000 kg;

«Amkodor-Unikab» is a typical example how rapidly the development of the JSC «Amkodor» is going. The total area of the factory is 5,99 hectares. In the following 5 years on the area of the «Amkodor-Unikab» the absolutely new factory, equipped with the best high-tech devices of world’s leading producers is going to be created. The production capacity for machining, welding, painting and assembly will be increased more than 3 times, to the existing area of 6500 sq.m the territory of 20500 sq.m. equipped with the latest technology will be added.

The growth production rate for the first 9 month of 2011 towards the same period of 2010 in comparable prices was 213,3%, in ruling prices – 263,6%. Sales income since the beginning of the year was 1 776 765 million rubles, return on sale - 9, 6%, over the same period in 2010 is 11,3%.

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1.Cabs of various modifications for road-building machinery, forest industry and agriculture. For comparison: in 1991 the enterprise produced 70 cabs per month, in 2011 – up to 300. Total more than 30 different models and cabs modifications for the main model range of the JSC «Amkodor» are produced. The factory also produces cabs for tractor L-700T-02, for the sugar beet harvester, which is delivered to the Russian consumers.

2.Electric Forkliift loaders:

  • AMKODOR EP30 - electric cart


«Amkodor-Unikab» Director: Dmitriy Anokhov

Tel. +375 176 73 00 46, fax +375 176 77 44 25;

Production Deputy Director: Mateychik Vasiliy
Tel./fax +375 16 76 04 32;

Economics Deputy Director: Aktanorovich Gennadiy
Tel. +375 176 74 71 71;

Commerce-related questions Deputy Director: Khvorov Valeriy
Tel. +375 16 76 81 10;

Chief engineer: Yasyukevich Valeriy
Tel. +375 176 77 12 70;

Chief Accountant: Ratomskaja Irina
Tel. +375 176 74 75 30.


«Amkodor-Unikab» LLC, V.Gostinec St.38,
Molodechno, Minsk Region, 222310, Belarus

Web: www.unikab.by
E-mail: mail@unikab.by