JSC“Amkodor-Semash”, holding managing company


According to the decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus № 274 - "About some measures for «Amkodor» development" on June 27, 2011, «Amkodor» JSC bought shares of the Dzerzhinsk factory «Agromash» at the rate of about 95.843% and since 10/5/2011 Dzerzhinsk factory «Agromash» renamed the «Amkodor-Dzerzhinsk» JSC.


The history of the Dzerzhinsk factory «Agromash» began in 1975, when Dzerzhinsk plant for centralized car worn part reclamation was set in operation. In 1982 the factory was renamed the Dzerzhinsky pilot plant «Remdetal», which after three years got the new name «Agromash». In 1990, lease holding company was created here - LHC Dzerzhinsk factory «Agromash», which in 2000 was renamed into Dzerzhinsk factory «Agromash» JSC.

Originally, the factory was engaged in the basic engine parts of "Gas" and "Zeal" repair. Later the plant changed the specialization on the machine building production (the production of cleaving machines and loaders). More than 10 years «Agromash» manufactured agricultural production. Besides producing woodworking equipment, it is engaged in repair and technical services of machinery and equipment used in agriculture and forestry. Also units, assemblies, details, replacement components and production tools for agricultural machines are produced here.


«Amkodor - Dzerzhinsk» JSC is a legal entity unit, has separate property, independent balance, bank accounts.

The total area of the factory is 5.3383 hectares, the area of the industrial premises - 17000sq.m.

The number of employees at «Amkodor-Dzerzhinsk» on 01.11.2011 is of 74 people, including 22 engineers, technicians and specialists.


Currently woodworking equipment and attached implements for special machines are produced:
- Agricultural forks with pressing 332S.53.00.000;
- Roll forks 332S.52.00.000;
- Blade for snow 342S.52.00.000;
- Brush 342S.57.00.000.
Deterioration of the main active funds, which are on the balance of the CC "Amkodor-Logoisk" is 79%.

In accordance with the development strategy of «Amkodor» JSC the production of quick-change attached implements will be completely transferred to «Amkodor-Dzerzhinsk».


Director: Alexander Malinovsky
Tel/fax: +375 1716 5 53 06, tel. +375 1716 5 50 54,
First Deputy Director: Prikota Petr
Tel/fax: +375 1716 5 53 06, tel. +375 1716 5 64 36,
Chief engineer: Kuksa Vladimir
Tel/fax +375 1716 5 53 06, tel. +375 1716 5 50 54,
Chief accountant: Tigalko Inga
Tel/fax: +375 1716 5 53 06, tel. +375 1716 5 51 12


JSC“Amkodor-Semash”, holding managing company: Fominykh St.19, Dzerzhinsk, Minsk Region, 222720, Belarus