“Amkodor-Unimod” JSC


On April 6, 1993 the company «Unimod»LLC was created. In 1999 «Unimod» became the resident of the so-called free market zone - «Minsk» for boosting country's free market development.

In 2004 «Amkodor» JSC has bought a part in statutory fund of the «Unimod» LLC.

In 2006 the factory has been transformed by reorganizing into «Amkodor-Unimod» LLC.

In 2008 according to the Presidential decree (#646) the JSC «Amkodor» gained major shares control of the JSC «Gastello Experimental plant», where driving axles production of the shut down company «Unimod» was brought into. At the factory, which obtained the name of «Gastello Experimental plant» LLC, was organized import-substituting and export-oriented production.

On April, 2011 «Gastello Experimental plant» was renamed into «Amkodor-Unimod» JSC.

Currently it is the only factory in the Republic of Belarus, which specializes in driving axles production for special machinery, manufactured by the JSC «Amkodor».



«Amkodor-Unimod» LLC is a legal entity unit, has a separate property, independent balance and bank accounts.

The total area of the factory is 3,283 hectares, the area of industrial premises – 9 876 sq.meters.

The number of employees at the JSC «Amkodor-Unimod» on 01/10/2011 is of 216 people, including 56 engineers and 160 workers.


Currently at the production more than 110 units of technological equipment are used, including the followings:

  • Vertical milling machines;
  • Radial drilling machines;
  • Planogrinding machines;
  • Circular grinders;
  • Punching presses;
  • Test platforms;
  • Other transport vehicles

Currently re-equipment of the company with modern high-tech devices is carried out. Six machine tools produced by «Mazak», Japan were bought:

  • Horizontal milling center, model HCN 6000 II;
  • Multioperation CNC lathe, model QTN 400 II M (1000U);
  • CNC Horizontal Machining Center, model HCN8800II (2 pieces)
  • Multi-purpose Vertical CNC lathe, model MTN 900 M (2 pieces)

Till 2015 the acquisition of new equipment in amount of 38 pieces has planned.

Deterioration of the active part of the main production facilities on the balance of the company is 30%.
The growth production rate of «Amkodor-Unimod» JSC in comparable prices in 2010 was 289%, the sales volume in 2010 increased by 309%.

At present company produces uncontrolled driving axles of the following models:

  • 342.05.01.000 (-01, -02, -05) — for front wheel loaders, lifting capacity of 3 to 5 tons, AMKODOR models 332, 342, 352,
  • 2241.05.03.000 — for machines for forest industry, AMKODOR models 2661, 2551, 2243B
  • 451.16.00.00.-01-01 - for forklifts AMKODOR 451A

In the future the development of the new axle modifications is planned. The feature of the planned driving axles modifications is that in their designs disc brakes working in an oil bath are applied. In addition to its reliability and durability, the design of the brakes, in contrast to the previously used lever brakes with asbestos linings, are environmentally friendly.
The filters production for the tractor MTZ fuel delivery system: 80-1716080, 50.460 8015-A,-A3 A61_S06 and consumer goods: door buts (PP 110 S223, S222 PP 130) is carried out also.


«Amkodor-Unimod»JSC Director:  Andrey Primaco
Tel./fax: +375 17 252 35 01,25228 61
First Deputy Director: Pyrko Nikolay
Tel./fax: +375 17 252 25 01
Chief Accountant: Dushevskaja Marina
Tel. +375 17 252 40 72
Chief engineer: Samuschenko Valeriy
Tel. +375 17 252 25 72

«Amkodor-Unimod» JSC, Pinskaja St., 18, Minsk, 220073, Belarus
E-mail: unimod@rambler.ru