Subsidiary of AMKODOR Finance LLC was registered on August 20, 2014 in order to create its own financial organization which allows to offering to a customer the mechanism of economic incentive for the holding products purchase.

Due to the new company the market strategy for domestic manufacturer support through the beneficial financing terms for clients will be suggested.



Sergey Kulik


Limited Liability Company «AMKODOR Finance» (LLC « AMKODOR Finance »)

Payer's Identification Number 192325637

National Classifier of Enterprises and Organizations 381895665000 

Location: 220073, Pinskaya st., 18, room 35, Minsk, Republic of Belarus

Postal address: 220073, Pinskaya st., 18, room 35, Minsk, Republic of Belarus

Certificate of incorporation (download)

Articles of leasing company with amendments and additions

Articles (download)

Leasing agreement terms

Leasing terms (download)

Subsidiaries and joint ventures

LLC «Belselkhoztekhnika»

454047, 2nd Paveletskaya st., 28, Chelyabinsk, Russian Federation

Phone/fax:  +7 351  736-07-86

Annual closing

Audit report for 2015 (download)

Account for 2015 (download)

Account for 2014 (download)

Amount of authorized fund

Authorized fund of LLC «AMKODOR Finance» is 850 000 000 (eight hundred fifty million) Belarusian rubles.