“Amkodor-Shklov” LLC


In 1929 the farm M.V.Frunze was founded in Mogilev region, eastern part of Belarus.

In 2002 another farm has been added to «Frunze» farm, expanding its area and assets.

In 2003 the farm was reorganized into «Lyubinicheskoe» LLC.

JSC «Amkodor» acquired the shares control of agricultural enterprise «Lyubinicheskoe» LLC and renamed it to «Amkodor-Shklov»


The LLC «Amkodor Shklov» is a legal entity enterprise, it has separate property, independent balance and bank accounts.

The total land area of the enterprise is 5602 hectares, including agricultural land - 5243 hectares, including arable land - 4232 hectares.

The number of employees at «Amkodor-Shklov» on 01.10.2011 is of 204 people, including 164 workers.


At present «Amkodor-Shklov» specializes in following agricultural business:

  • Grain and leguminous plants growing;
  • Oil-yielding crops growing;
  • Fodder crops growing;
  • Cattle breeding;
  • Horse Breeding;
  • Pig breeding;
  • Offer servise in livestock provision
  • Lumber production;
  • Meat production
  • Milk production

The growth production rate of «Amkodor-Shklov» in comparable prices in 2010 is 85.4%, in turn, the sales volume in 2010 in comparison with 2009 increased by 1.3%.


«Amkodor-Shklov» Director: Djakonov Dmitriy
Tel./fax: +375 2239 35 145
Economics Deputy Director: Minkov Igor
Tel./fax: +375 2239 35 145
Chief Accountant: Ivanova Antonina
Tel. +375 2239 35 124


Lyubinichi village, Shklov district, Mogilev region, 213012, Belarus
E-mail: amkodoragro@mail.ru