Board of Honor

Deputy Head of Machine Assembly Production – Head of Production and Production and Distribution Bureau

Engineer for Pre-Production of Production and Dispatch Department

Work-Assignment Clerk of Welding Shop

Technician of Mechanical and Assembly Works of Dormashmet plant

Deputy Head of Office of Personnel and Training

Technician-Repairman of Chief Mechanical Engineer Service

Lead Engineer in charge of Road Traffic Arrangement of Transport Shop

Technician for Assembly of Steel Structures of Chief Mechanic Engineer Service

Technician of Machine Assembly Works of the CJSC Amkodor-Spetsservice

Machineman of Projection Equipment and Gas-Cutting Machines of Dormashmet plant

Machine and Manipulators Setup Man with Software Controlled Machine Assembly Production

Senior Manager of Machine Assembly Section of Machine Assembly Production

General Designer – Head of Designer Department of Forestry of General Designer Department

Deputy Head of Assembly Shop

Tine Grinder of Machine-Assembly Shop No.1