Elections 2014

According to the CEC, 1328 local councils composed of 18 809 deputies were established. In Minsk 57 deputies of the city council were elected. In the new structure of the local councils - 46.3% women , 54.7 % acting deputies , 3.8 % young people under the age of 30, 16 citizens of the Russian Federation , 248 local council deputies are members of political parties.
AMKODOR Holding is represented in the local councils by four deputies: Deputy General Director of JSC " AMKODOR " – holding managing company " Alexander Nakhaenko elected to Minsk City Council XXVII convocation / convention.
Director of "Amkodor- Pinsk" Michael A. But-Gusaim – deputy representing Brest Region Council .
Director of "Amkodor-Unikab " Alexey V. Vasiliev became a deputy of Molodechno District Council , and director JSC " Amkodor Spetsservis " branch - " Amkodor-Gomel" Yuri A. Polyakov elected to Uritskoe Council in Gomel region.
We congratulate AMKODOR representatives to their decent victory in a such a difficult election campaign and wish deputies active and successful work in the local councils for the benefit of the citizens in the cities and regions of Belarus.