Representatives of Agricultural Enterprises From Perm Region Visited AMKODOR

Guests from Russia came to the factory with the aim of exploring the machinery, manufacturing and design capabilities of agricultural output of the Holding.
At the permanent exhibition farmers got acquainted with a line of agricultural machinery and equipment, including over 10 models and modifications of the multi-purpose machines, received detailed information on grain cleaning and drying complexes produced by "Amkodor Mozha".
It is important to emphasize that AMKODOR machinery is well-known to the farmers of Perm region. Only within the last few years, companies from this particular region bought from AMKODOR more than 40 units of machinery. Basically these are mostly multi-purpose loaders with the capacity 2 to 5 tons, front wheel loaders and backhoe loaders.
For reference: interests of «AMKODOR» - holding managing company» in this region are represented by dealer LLT "Scat" (Perm , Russia) supplying machinery, equipment and original spare parts and components, providing warranty and service .
After visiting the exhibition negotiations were held. The parties discussed a number of issues for further mutual cooperation.