Bangladesh delegation headed by Minister of Local Government at AMKODOR

The purpose of the visit was to introduce the delegation to the holding products as a whole and to machinery samples which will be supplied to Bangladesh due to the governmental agreement. It’s important to mention that the agreement value is about 50 mln dollars and AMKODOR – holding managing company JSC has already done the preparation to the agreement performance.


At the territory of the Udarnik factory there were demonstrated to the guests the main samples of the machines for technological areas covered by AMKODOR machinery.


Later it was a demonstration of the machinery in action. The operators showed the capacities of the road building and forestry machines. High technical characteristics, productivity and accuracy of the heavy machinery impressed members of the delegation in a good way as they said right on the demonstration site.


Then negotiations took place with the participation of the Chairman of the Board of Directors, the General Director and marketing-center experts of AMKODOR – holding managing company JSC.


During the negotiations both parties discussed the main terms of the agreement performance, shared their opinions about technical and operating characteristics of the machines and attachments. As a result the number of supplied machines and equipment became clear and the agreement value has stayed the same.


Both parties were satisfied with the work done. Minister K. M. Hossain underlined the intention to perform agreement terms in full as soon as possible. The Minister also said that by virtue of this agreement the basis for the development of steady cooperation between our state and the Republic of Bangladesh were laid.