Amkodor-Bryansk is on the threshold of major modernization

Bryansk held the meeting dedicated to the development of the LLC Amkodor-Bryansk, one of the holding branches. Director General of the JSC AMKODOR, holding managing company, V. Ivankovich, his deputies and experts responsible for production, sales, economics and personnel, as well as experts of the LLCAmkodor-Bryansk took part in the meeting. The aim of the meeting was to determine the development directions of the enterprise and the production volume for the near term prospect.

The participants of the meeting discussed the outcomes of the orders implementation of Director General to tackle a number of organizational, production and financial and economic issues in 2015-2016, as well as heard the report of the work group comprising of lead experts of the JSC AMKODOR, holding managing company, on the issues of the territory planning and reconstruction of the main and auxiliary production premises.

It was decided to draw up a reconstruction plan for the production and auxiliary premises of the LLC Amkodor-Bryansk for 2017-2020, action plan to develop production of the enterprise in 2017 with quarterly segregation. The LLC Amkodor-Bryansk stipulates re-planning of process facilities,investigation of circulation logistics for steel, work pieces and units, assessment of the possibility and feasibility of new buildings construction and reconstruction of the existing buildings, expansion of the territory and allocation of the test site to conduct acceptance tests on a full cycle, as well as other activities. There will be development and re-planning of the existing sites for buckets welding and frames welding inserting them into the process chain, creation of new process stations for the increasing volume of the machinery production.

The productivity plan of the LLC Amkodor-Bryansk in 2017 is to produce 30 loaders per month.The overall production in 2018 should increase up to 50 units of machinery per month at a significant increase in allocation through the production of the front and rear semi-frames from the company’s own workpieces, establishment of the machining department, commissioning of the blasting machine and paint spray cabinet. It is planned to expand the axles assembly and running section, as well as establish a workshop for assembly of cabins from CKD with gradual transition to the production of cabins.

Due to the held activities, the LLC Amkodor-Bryansk should significantly expand a model range of the produced machinery – the productivity should increase from three models of loaders in 2016 up to nine models in 2020 at monthly production capacity of up to 50 units.

The program stipulates the expansion of the enterprise competencies. It is planned to produce special-purpose machinery with a high level of allocation and use the most advanced technologies which ensure a good quality of products corresponding to all modern requirements. The second direction is to develop a service center for service maintenance and repairs (from routine to overhaul repair) of the AMKODOR machinery which is in operation in Bryansk and in Bryansk region. In addition, it is planned to increase the number of on-site contact teams for operation in Bryansk region and in nearby regions. The third direction is to develop the competences of the LLC Amkodor-Bryansk in sales and services of not only machinery of its own production but also the one of AMKODOR holding at the territory of Bryansk region. In particular, the LLC Amkodor-Bryansk will sell the products of its own production through the commodity distribution network of AMKODOR holding. Nowadays, the LLC Amkodor-Bryansk is the general importer of AMKODOR holding products which is entitled to pay the disposal fee within the territory of the Russian Federation. As early as 2017, at the premises of the LLC Amkodor-Bryansk it is planned to establish a central warehouse of spare parts for AMKODOR machinery to sell them within the whole territory of the Russian Federation.

At the premises of the LLC Amkodor-Bryansk it is planned to implement a quite promising program sponsored by Gazprom for the production of the machinery equipped with gas-motor engines. In particular, adjustment of loader AMKODOR 330S4 for the Russian gas-motor engine is being discussed.

Much attention was paid to the personnel hiring and development for new process stages and increasing production volume, as well as to the personnel training.

During the business trip there were meetings with the head of Bryansk administration A. Makarov and heads of district administrations of the region. During negotiations Director General and First Deputy of Director General of the JSC AMKODOR, holding managing company, reached an agreement on cooperation development. A proposal to the government of Bryansk region how to present the regional development program for supplies of municipal and road services with AMKODOR machinery was elaborated.

There was one more meeting with Chief Federal Inspector of the Office of Plenipotentiary Representative of the President of the Russian Federation in the Central Administrative District L. Solomatin and Deputy Governor of the region who controlled the road construction complex. Mr. Solomatin supported the idea to develop and implement the regional program for supplies of the region with the AMKODOR machinery.

Another important step towards development of the LLC Amkodor-Bryansk, as well as towards strengthening of interregional cooperation within the framework of the Union State of Belarus and the Russian Federation was taken. Namely, such cooperation is the basis for the integration of the two brotherly countries, the two fraternal peoples.