AMKODOR completed implementation of the contract for supplies of special-purpose machinery to Bangladesh

AMKODOR holding has completed the implementation of the contract for supplies of machinery to the People's Republic of Bangladesh. This is a major contract; its cost is of about 50 mln. US dollars, its implementation has allowed the holding experts gain a unique experience in series production of the special-purpose machinery in the tropical design.

Under the terms and conditions of the contract, AMKODOR supplied 703 items of machinery and hundreds of attachments, 1395 items in total. To complete the order, all holding brunches were involved.

As it was agreed with the Promagroleasing and partners from Bangladesh, supplies were divided into five parts. They were shipped on time, all items of the machinery, including the warranty set, arrived to the customer. At the moment our experts are there and they provide commissioning and maintenance of the machinery.

The production of this machinery allowed us run in the skid steer machinery assembly in the production conditions on the main conveyor, arrange the work and evaluate the capacity of the newly introduced facilities at the JSC Amkodor-Pinsk, including the machinery conveyor assembly. This experience has allowed us make conclusions about the correctness of the way chosen for the production modernization and personnel training strategy.

For the first time in the history of AMKODOR such a number of machinery was produced in the tropical design. Our painting workshops in all our brunches, processing services which had developed new statements of cooperative deliveries, had a lot of work to do. Designers also used a number of new solutions in the production of the machinery that allowed optimize the issues related to the material consumption, the applicability of the same parts in different types of machinery. Ultimately, this would lead to the production cost reduction, including the cost of conventional serial machinery in the standard design.

The range of the products supplied included machinery AMKODOR 211E, AMKODOR 332 c4, compactors AMKODOR 6632, AMKODOR 6223A, backhoe loaders on their own chassis AMKODOR 732, as well as a variety of attachments.