AMKODOR signed major contracts with Chinese partners

On September 28-30, there was a State visit of the President of Belarus to China. He was accompanied by a large group of representatives from the state administration bodies and the business community of our country, including the heads of AMKODOR holding. During the visit there were held negotiations of the representatives of the industry of Belarus and China. The amount of the contracts concluded was estimated at billions of dollars.

Igor Kaiuda, Director of Innovation and Investment Projects, told the press service about the outcomes of the negotiations conducted by AMKODOR holding:

- As a result of this trip to the People’s Republic of China, there were signed three major contracts for a total amount of 400 million dollars. Namely, the contract for the construction of the plant Amkodor-MASH for the amount of about 230 million dollars and the modernization of two plants of our partner company - Saleo holding in Kobrin and in Gomel for the total amount of 170 million dollars.

In addition, there were held negotiations on the current memoranda that were signed between our holdings and our Chinese partners - major state corporations Citic Group and Sinomach. In the near future within the territory of Belarus several joint ventures with the help of direct Chinese investments can be established.

In the short term, it is planned to hold the next major negotiations on cooperation in the field of supply and production of components. Nevertheless, even now the working groups are preparing supplies of our Belarusian hydraulics to the major tractor and harvester plants of China. It means that in our business cooperation with the Chinese partners there is the tendency to supply not only from China to Belarus but in the opposite direction which is very important if we deal with an increase in industrial exports from the Republic of Belarus to the People’s Republic of China.

From the point of view of the business community and representatives of the mechanical engineering sector, the state visit of the President of the Republic of Belarus to the People’s Republic of China has helped most politically support those achievements, those friendly relations that we have been establishing in recent years. This is extremely important because the potential of the Belarusian and Chinese cooperation is huge. The Chinese partners are also showing great interest in cooperation. In terms of industrial policy it is completely justified because in the environment of severe global competition the winner is the one who knows how to find partners, to unite, to create joint holdings and corporations.