Capital City Department Head of the Investigation Committee met with holding employees

On September 28, Department Head of the Investigation Committee of the Republic of Belarus for Minsk City Major General of Justice Dmitry Konoplyanik visited the JSC AMKODOR.

He told in details about the role and tasks, principles and outcomes of the five-year functioning of this new body from the date of its establishment in the country's law enforcement bodies.

In particular, he gave examples of the successful detection of famous crimes, told about the impressive data of the scope of works done by the Minsk City Department and the amount of damages compensated as a result of illegal economic activities and infringement on the property of citizens.

Investigator’s job is so specific that always causes an increased interest in the community. It was not an exception for the plant’s employees to ask the guest a lot of questions. For example, they wanted to know why in our country the percentage of crimes detected was on average 15% higher than in Western Europe, the way how investigators were involved in crime prevention, how to compensate the risk of human factor influence on the qualitative aspect of investigation, and a lot of other issues.
The meeting lasted more than an hour but after its end Dmitry Konoplyanik held a personal reception of the JSC employees to discuss issues related to the jurisdiction of the Investigation Committee.