Forest machines are honor of AMKODOR holding

Forwarder AMKODOR 2631 is designed for picking, loading and transporting of wood assortments and other round timber after logging at the territory of logging area, logway and timber transport road, also for handling, sorting and warehousing operations while cleaning cutting and sanitary felling.

Machine with 6х6 wheel arrangement and 9 tons load capacity is able to transport up to 10 cubic meters of timber at once. Possibility of its work on soft soil together with great maneuverability do this machine ideal for cleaning cutting.

Due to lengthened cargo tank it is possible to trail two tree loads of the length up to 2.5 m which increase its loading capacity and economic efficiency.

The machine can be used for long distances of logging without overheating and operational pauses.

According to the length of transported wood assortment the bolsters can be moved referred to direct axis of cargo tank at a pitch of 190 mm.

Lightning of the working zone during hours of darkness is carried out with the help of 12 headlights with halogen bulbs on cab’s roof.

For easing of engine start while environmental low temperature the machine is equipped with self-powered preheater.

Comfortable temperature for operator is provided with air conditioner.