Logoysk celebrated AMKODOR Day

On 26 November 2016, Logoysk, the regional center of the capital region, hosted the holiday “AMKODOR Day”. It was dedicated to the 90th anniversary of AMKODOR holding, the 10th anniversary from the production of the first forestry machine “AMKODOR” and the 800th jubilee forest machine.

The reason to celebrate the holiday in Logoysk was the Unitary Enterprise Amkodor-Logoysk producing the most modern forestry machinery. It was the holiday because AMKODOR is associated with success, success is associated with joy, and joy is associated with holidays. Moreover, the company’s anthem says that AMKODOR represents me, you and everybody!

Reference. The General Designer Department of AMKODOR holding started development of the forestry machinery in 2004. By standards of the world’s mechanical engineering, it took a short period of time for the holding to start mass production of 17 modern models of forestry machinery; four more models are being tested. All of them allow use the most advanced technologies in forestry.

By the beginning of the holiday 17 AMKODOR machines were standing at the central square of Logoysk in front of the Regional Executive Committee. There were harvesters and forwarders, different models of loaders used in forestry as well, including a distinguished old-timer – harvester AMKODOR 2541 numbered 001 manufactured back in 2011. 

Even if on 26 November it was cold, windy and rainy in Logoysk, hundreds of people with their children took umbrellas and came to the square. 

A lot of people came from Minsk: BNTU students and a group of future engineers from Belarusian State University of Technology headed by Rector I. Voytov.  

The festive occasion started with the opening speech of the President of the Board of Directors of the JSC AMKODOR A. Shakutin and Director General of the JSC AMKODOR, holding managing company, V. Ivankovich.

In particular, Alexander Shakutin cordially thanked employees of the Unitary Enterprise Amkodor-Logoysk for the work contribution in production achievements of the holding and said that the enterprise would have a wonderful future due to the substantial investmentof the company’s management in its development and purchase of the most modern equipment.

Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus V. Semashko and the President of the Minsk Regional Council of Deputies I. Lipnitsly were the guests of the AMKODOR holiday in Logoysk. There were Deputy Forestry Minister L. Demianik and Director General of the JSC Promagroleazing A. Poznyak as well. Fruitful cooperation with these companies positively influenced the results of the holding sales of the machinery “AMKODOR” in domestic and foreign markets.

 The honored guests included many heads and business representatives who had long-standing partnership relations with the holding.

Surely, every holiday implies giving gifts. All gifts were accepted with gratitude.

Demonstration performances of the AMKODOR machinery are always of great interest of the public. Indeed, it is fascinating to see how a heavy machine of over nine tons closes a matchbox without any damage to it and a backhoe loader takes a cap off an office hanger and gives it to the driver, and forestry machines expertly cut heavy timber into logs equal in length. 

The climax of the holiday was the presentation of the 800th forestry machine assembled in the holding forwarder AMKODOR 2631.

AMKODOR 2631 was designed in 2013 upon request of the Ministry of Forestry of the Republic of Belarus. It is intended for cleaning cutting and selective sanitary felling, collection, loading and transportation of forest materials.

The machine is equipped with the engine of 120 hp capacity and has the wheel arrangement of 6х6, carrying capacity of 9 tons. The forwarder is able to transport of up to 10 cubic meters of forest materials per travel.

A unique feature of the machine is its overall width which is 2.4 meters only. Due to this, it maneuvers on selective felling without damaging trees. At the same time it has long “arms” – crane reach can be up to 6.8 meters.

 A symbolic key to a new AMKODOR 2631 was awarded to Deputy Forestry Minister L. Demianik who handed it over to a new owner – Director of Rossony Main Forestry Department.

There was an exhibition of children’s paintings which were submitted to a competition “AMKODOR means us” dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the enterprise.

Performance of the Honoured Artist of the Republic of Belarus Alena Lanskaya and a soloist Darya of the producer’s center Spamash was a pleasant gift for the audience.

To support the Children’s school of arts, at the main Logoysk square there was a charity event “Winning ticket of AMKODOR”. Everyone could take part in the event and get a gift. At the end of the holiday the collected money were officially handed over to the Director of the Logoysk Children’s school of arts. AMKODOR holding also awarded the school with a charity money certificate. 

AMKODOR Day in Logoysk is the second event of this kind. The first one was on 27 May in Pinsk. At the time there was a grand presentation of a new production facility opened after a comprehensive modernization of the CJSC Amkodor-Pinsk to the Head of the country A. Lukashenko.

Such holidays have a deep sense because the society can get acquainted with not only achievements of the Belarusian mechanical engineering but also with a system of life values which are always headed by labor for the good of the motherland.