Machine AMKODOR 37P is a game changer in agricultural technologies

The AMKODOR holding created a new multipurpose loader for agriculture which owns high productivity and unique specifications – the multipurpose loader AMKODOR 37P. It’s produced at Amkodor-Pinsk CJSC.

The machine is designed for shattering, mixing, throwing liquid chemical-biological additives in, oxygenation during hoeing, loading to carrier vehicle and transloading of loose cargo, organic manures, broken ice, contaminated soil and other materials from storing bunkers.

Multipurpose loader 37P has high floatation due to 4 wheel drive and tractor tire treads. The machine is equipped with the engine Д-245 produced at Minsk Motor Plant OJSC with the rated engine power of 77kW which is simple and reliable.

Working body is a twin-worm one with working width from 2 to 4 meters (with wideners). It’s possible to wetting cargo transferred across the belt with process liquids.

The machine is perfect for work at poultry factory. It can be used for recycling needle stocks and binding heavy metals during processing of soil oil contaminations.

AMKODOR 37P is perfectly suitable for composting organic wastes from poultry factories and derivation of good-quality organic manures from them in short terms. It allows to increase soil fertility and improve yields. The derived compost fully meets State Standard Р 53117-2008 “Organic manures based on livestock wastes.

For composting organic wastes from poultry factory AMKODOR 37P is used with biological product of Russian company KINZ which is an official holding dealer of AMKODOR 37P at the territory of Russian Federation.