New AMKODOR loaders presented at International Exhibition in Moscow

Within the CTT-2016 the holding will present 2 models of AMKODOR wheel loaders of design bureau. They will demonstrate their unique technical specifications and modern design at the world largest international specialized exhibition of construction equipment and technologies. There are skid steer loader AMKODOR 208E and telescopic handler AMKODOR 540-70 which are equal to alternative machines of leading international manufacturers according to their specifications.

The design of skid steer loader AMKODOR 208E compares favourably with similar machines design due to the boom single-beam design which provides excellent all-round visibility to operator (the best among such kind of machines) and guarantees ease and security of entrance to the cab through the side door (it is not necessary to take off the cargo from the boom at the time of entrance and come-out). At the same time single-beam design of the boom provides high lifting capacity and reliability. Skid steer loader AMKOODR 208E is equipped with the engine Perkins of Great Britain with power of 44,7 kW. The lifting capacity is 863 kg.

Skid steer loader AMKODOR 208E will be popular among Russian consumers also because of its small size and a wide range of executing building and service works. It can move soil, excavate a trench, transport materials placed on bottom plates or oversize cargoes. This loader is useful in utilities of megapolis where exclusive environmental standards are required.

The second new machine oriented to the Russian market is the telescopic handler AMKODOR 540-70. The machine has a reasonable price and is equal to alternative imported machines. The telescopic handler AMKODOR 540-70 owns small size, high maneuverability due to multimode steerage, reliability and rigidity during loading due to anti-tipping device. Comfortable cab with a good visibility provides good performance to an operator during a whole operating shift.

Telescopic handler AMKODOR 540-70 is equipped with MMZ D 245S2 which is well known to the Russian consumer. In 2017 it is planned to start series manufacturing of these new multipurpose loaders.

Traditionally at the CTT exhibitions in the capital of Russia AMKODOR holding presents more than 2 dozens of world-class machines which have gained love of Russian consumer with their easy maintenance, maneuverability, reliability, genuine spare parts availability, after-sale maintenance, favourable supply terms due to extended dealer network.

One of the most popular models in Russia is the wheel loader AMKODOR 330B (engine YMZ). Amkodor-Bryansk LLC (economic entity of the Russian Federation) will offer to the customer one more interesting model of the loader – multipurpose loader AMKODOR 342C with gas-diesel engine. Also the attention of customers will be attracted by multipurpose loader 371AC, backhoe loader AMKODOR 732, backhoe loader AMKODOR 743, backhoe loader AMKODOR 703M, compactor AMKODOR 6710, tandem roller AMKODOR 6223E, forklift AMKODOR 450C2, electric forklift AMKODOR E25, electric forklift AMKODOR E16, hydraulic wheel excavator AMKODOR 814, excavator AMKODOR 914, drainage machine AMKODOR ETC-203, canal cleanser OKH-05, hanging rotor mower AC-1 (modernized), ditch bank mower K-78M (modernized).

Participation in the international exhibitions allows AMKODOR holding to extend significantly supplies to the Russian Federation, establish mutually-beneficial contacts with dozens of Russian companies of various spheres of activities through the vast dealer network. Under CTT-2016 specialists of the holding will negotiate with consumers of the whole range of AMKODOR equipment. The specialists will consult the consumers about the machinery specifications, after-sale maintenance, service and spare parts delivery and also will demonstrate the possibilities of AMKODOR machinery at the open area in the International Exhibition Center “CROCUS EXPO” – mount №Е3.

Today and ever AMKODOR welcomes guests and exhibitors to the cooperation