Prevention of law violations is our common concern

On 7 December 2016, there was a meeting of representatives of the personnel of the JSC AMKODOR, holding managing company, with Deputy Head of Directorate of the General Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Belarus P. Rodionov and Deputy Head of Department V. Kukso.

The topic of the meeting was the prevention of law violations and adherence to the housing law.

Mr. Rodionov avoided didacticism and tried to be unlike an extremely serious and scowling policeman, as he said.He tried to convey to the public the structure of the Belarusian laws, explain that first of all the basis of the laws is the principleof people’s rights protection and establishment of social equity.

During the meeting there were discussed the peculiarities of the housing law, establishment of a new for our country sector of rental housing, exercise of the right to have a quiet life in one’s own apartment if the neighbors are violent.Quite a sensitive issue of domestic violence and the methods of impact on domestic troublemakers were touched upon. Such a serious problem of any society as corruption was also discussed. All these issues in this or that extent related to almost every person in the hall that is why the public interest was genuine. There were discussed the concepts of bribery and the aspects related to the succession. The responses of the employees of the prosecutor’s office were sincere and based on both, legal standards and wordly experience appealing to reasons and public opinion.

Mr. Rodionov called the public for common sense, be unbiased, maintain peace and order, and strengthen the ties inside the society.

At the same time he called for protection of one’s interests secured in legislation if these interests are ignored by any official because justice should be laid down by not only lawyers and people in uniform but also by the society, everybody of us. The result of these joint activities would better our laws and life.