90th anniversary of the AMKODOR holding: from development to prosperity!

On 1 February one of the leaders of the Belarusian mechanical engineering AMKODOR holding celebrated its 90th anniversary! Ceremonies and honoring the best employees, the best team members were held at all the enterprises of the holding, but the main celebration was at the Udarnik plant where the history of AMKODOR began.

Back in 1927 no one could imagine that a small factory Vozrozhdenie on the outskirts of Minsk would someday grow to the scale of a major modern holding which products would become one of the major brands of mechanical engineering industry in Belarus. The factory itself named Udarnik plant in 1930 became part of the holding managing company AMKODOR holding which included 20 legal entities, as many as 15 plants to date! 120 models and modifications of the produced machinery are known in over 30 countries world-wide!

Due to the 90th anniversary of the enterprise about 800 employees of the holding, including 150 employees of the Udarnik plant, were awarded for their professional activity, multi-year diligent work. They were the best of all and were invited to a grand meeting in the assembly hall of the plant. They were foremost employees, high-class experts, people with active citizenship, and real patriots of the enterprise many of whom worked in AMKODOR more than a dozen years and gave up their spirit to the enterprise.

Unfortunately, the assembly hall was too small to accommodate all the people, otherwise it would probably have been filled by those who worked hand in hand with foremost employees and who shared a common goal.

The meeting was opened by Mr. Efimov, the current director of the plant. Having compared his own age with the age of the company he headed, Mr. Efimov named himself the grandson of Udarnik but expressed an opinion that the company’s age should not be measured by the number of years but by the achievements of the enterprise, and the ability to be updated and to keep up with the times. From this point of view the 90th anniversary of Udarnik is just the youth of the plant.

Chairman of the Board of Directors A. Shakutin addressed the audience with simple and sincere words of appreciation for honest labor, for professional skill, for the dedication to the moral values that were laid by the previous generations.

Looking back on the past of the country, the history of its industry, Mr. Shakutin said that, unfortunately, in recent years a generation of destroyers came to replace the generations of creators, constructors who laid the foundation of the economic power of the once great country. He recalled that some of the enterprises in Russia and Ukraine which comprised the AMKODOR holding and their initial letters made the word AMKODOR no longer existed, while the others were in bankruptcy. Only Belarusian AMKODOR every year rises to a new stage of growth, and hence, its personnel belong to the generation of creators. We continue construction! We thank our native state for the support in this difficult matter!

Today's AMKODOR represents not only the results really achieved in 2016, but also ambitious plans for the future and, according to Mr. Shakutin, their implementation is real for the personnel. The well-consolidated and professional team of mechanical engineers of the holding in 2017 should achieve a doubling of the scope of production and further reduction of costs while increasing the quality of the machines, and the machines should become other - more productive, more comfortable, more modern, the machines which do not inferior to the imported ones.

Mr. Shakutin’s speech affected everyone in the hall, at the end of his performance everybody applauded, and these applauses were coming from the soul.

Director General of the JSC AMKODOR, holding managing company, V. Ivankovich also congratulated the personnel on the anniversary, but his congratulation was in full compliance with the new creative traditions - through the video display unit. On the day of the company’s anniversary Mr. Ivankovich was on a business trip on the other side of the world, in the People's Republic of Bangladesh, but he preferred to remain with the team at least digitally. His words were simple and clear to everyone. He wished happiness, health and good luck to everybody, and development, wealth and prosperity to the main hero of the anniversary – the holding! The audience friendly approved his words.

Congratulations and rewarding teams of different services of the Udarnik plant was very creative and fun.

When the ceremony came to the end, those awarded took the creative reply. 

Teams of the departments recited poems about their contribution to the common cause, were singing songs about themselves in a format of converted hits of all times, were standing with their own banners. Everything was going from the heart, in the team of factory workers, friends for many years, thus, everything was great and lively.

Gennady Maltsev, one of the employees, sang a very famous song from the Soviet Union cartoon, and this song embodied a real team spirit!

However, professional singers and just good singers supported the corporate spirit, including:

Valentine Kedo and Maria Buyalskaya.

Soloist of the Folk Chorus of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Sobolevsky. 

The singers were beautifully singing, and the audience felt sympathy to the singers. They were highly appreciated and the audience applauded a lot.

The meeting which smoothly grew into a concert was finished with a surprise. A five-layer 25-kilo cake decorated in honor of the 90th anniversary of the AMKODOR holding appeared on the stage having finished with fireworks!

The cake was divided on equity basis among all the departments and quickly disappeared without any trace. However, it would remain in the memory of people for a long time, as well as the entire celebration!


Happy birthday, Udarnik!
Happy Anniversary, AMKODOR!