AMKODOR Expands its Presence at the Market of Special-Purpose Machines of Egypt

The production facilities of KADER factory for developed industries, the AMKODOR holding dealer in Egypt, assembled the first batch of machines – loaders of three, four, and five tons carrying capacity, a multipurpose skid-steer loader AMKODOR 211 and a diesel forklift AMKODOR 451 of 5 tons carrying capacity.

The assembly was made with the participation of the AMKODOR holding experts. They also rendered their assistance in assembly of machines, machine commissioning, and personnel drive training, as well as service and warranty machine maintenance.

Fore reference. KADER factory for developed industries is a member of the Arab Organization of Industrialization (AOI) which unites 13 plants. This is the largest conglomerate of manufacturing plants and machinery manufacturers in Egypt. The enterprises which are the members of the Arab Organization of Industrialization carry out orders of the Ministry of Defense, but currently they are actively moving towards the civil sector. They have mastered the production of the railway rolling stock; they are interested in the increase in production of special-purpose machines for road construction, municipal services and agriculture. 

In November, the main site of the Arab Organization of Industrialization presented AMKODOR machines which demonstrated their capabilities in work. The event aroused a great interest of representatives of business leaders of Egypt and media – it was broadcast by five TV-channels and more than ten periodic media. 

During the negotiations, the AMKODOR holding representatives and Egyptian partners discussed directions for the further development of cooperation. Production localization of the AMKODOR machinery at the premises of KADER factory and at the enterprises included in the AOI was discussed as well.

As a result of negotiations, the protocol of agreement for a joint study of localization of the AMKODOR machinery production in 2018 at the level of 20% was signed. 

The localization of 20% will allow to receive certain preferences when participating in tenders and state purchases. It will make the AMKODOR machinery more attractive for the customers.

The Arab Republic of Egypt is a member of various associations and unions, has an agreement on a free trade zone with the EU, as well as almost with all countries of Africa and the Middle East. 

For reference. Annually, Egypt imports special-purpose machines for USD 100 mln. Market capacity of Africa and the Middle East is estimated USD 3.5 bln. a year.

Currently, establishment of commodity distribution network of the AMKODOR special purpose machines in Egypt is under consideration. Negotiations with representatives of Egyptian business leaders were held. During the negotiations four applicants for signing of sub-dealer agreement with KADER factory as general importer were determined.

Notwithstanding that the AMKODOR machinery is a new brand at the market of Egypt, the interest in it from prospective customers is high. Particularly, the Ministry of Natural Resources made a proposal for cooperation.