AMKODOR Machines Aroused Great Interest of Visitors of the Exhibition “Russian Forest-2017” in Vologda

On 6 – 8 December 2017, the exhibition complex “Russky dom” in Vologda (the Russian Federation) held the International Exhibition “Russian forest – 2017”. More than 200 companies from various regions of Russia, as well as from Belgium, Italy, Latvia, Finland and the Republic of Belarus took part in the exhibition. For the AMKODOR holding it is the 10th time in succession to take part in this exhibition, and this year the holding presented to the visitors harvester AMKODOR 2561; forwarder AMKODOR 2662-01, harvester based on a crawler excavator AMKODOR – Sinomach 3255, as well as simulator of harvester and forwarder operation.

The machines were demonstrated in operation. This gave a better understanding of their advantages.

The AMKODOR holding machines aroused great interest of visitors of the exhibition among whom there were many representatives of the timber industry enterprises and organizations in the region. Particular attention was paid to a newly-designed product, harvester based on crawler excavator.

On 7 December 2017, during the visit of the Belarusian delegation headed by Yury Nazarov, Chairman of the Group of Companies  in Vologda “Bellesbumprom”, the Government of the Vologda region hold the 14th session of the Joint Commission for the Development of Cooperation between the Republic of Belarus and the Vologda Region of the Russian Federation.

During the visit, the Belarusian delegation also took part in the opening of the International exhibition “Russian forest” and the business forum where issues of cooperation and exchange of experiences between the producers were discussed.

An agreement was reached about the visit of members of the commission of the Republic of Belarus for a more detailed acquaintance with the arrangement of forestry operations, harvesting and processing of timber in our country.

The issues related to the AMKODOR machines maintenance and personnel training for their operation were discussed.  

For reference. 80% of the territory of the Vologda region (11.4 mln. ha) is covered with forests. The total stock of timber exceeds 1.5 billion cubic meters, and the designed cutting area reaches 30 mln. cubic meters. Timber stocks at the territory of the region are comparable to stocks of such countries as Poland or Belarus. The Vologda region is among the top three in terms of timber harvesting volume (15.6 mln. cubic meters), production of round timber products, wooden prefabricated houses, glued plywood. The region is in top five in Russia in terms of production of  lumber, chipboard and fibreboard.