AMKODOR strengthens its relations with Sverdlovsk Region of Russia

On 28 February, the delegation from the Sverdlovsk Region of the Russian Federation headed by First Deputy Governor A. Orlov visited the JSC AMKODOR, holding managing company. The delegation also included heads of ministries of the region and representatives of business community of the region.

During the visit to the permanent exhibition of the machinery samples of the AMKODOR holding production, Mr. Orlov highly appreciated its consumer qualities: “This is a good machinery, the model range covers a fairly large range, a wide range of machines which are applicable in urban conditions is represented. This is especially important in the conditions of Yekaterinburg, when among the dense buildings it is required to perform works on repair or improvement. I believe that we need to cooperate with AMKODOR, that we should consider the opportunity to be more familiar with the capabilities of the AMKODOR machinery. First of all, we are interested in the machinery for the processing of peat and timber harvesting”.

Mr. Orlov is in the cabin of the machine AMKODOR 732: Ergonomics of the workplace is beyond praise!”

The deputy head of the Sverdlovsk region invited AMKODOR to participate in the international industrial exhibition INNOPROM-2017 which is held in Yekaterinburg. In his opinion, it would be very useful to demonstrate the capabilities of the special-purpose holding machinery live.

In the course of the talks, the members of the delegation of the Sverdlovsk region and the management of JSC AMKODOR, holding managing company, agreed to develop mutually beneficial cooperation and establish a working group for these purposes.

Representatives of the AMKODOR holding expressed their readiness to provide consumers of the Sverdlovsk region with a full range of machines for solving any production problems in the road construction, municipal, power, agricultural and forestry industries.