AMKODOR Took Part in the Triumphant Civil Machinery Parade on 3 July

On 3 July 2017, Minsk held a triumphant civil machinery parade which was within the framework of celebration of the Independence Day of the Republic of Belarus. The AMKODOR machinery has taken a worthy place in the convoy of the machinery manufactured at the Belarusian mechanical engineering enterprises.

The holding manufactures more than 120 models and modifications of the special-purpose machinery. The production program of the enterprise contains high-performance road-construction, municipal, snow-blowing, agricultural, forestry machinery, special-purpose machinery for logistics and peat-mining industries.

In the course of the parade, the audience saw 14 units of the AMKODOR machinery. Among the machinery there were models that had already gained recognition among consumers in dozens of countries, as well as new models which series production was just being prepared. All of them are distinguished by high quality, productivity, reliability and efficiency.

The head machine of the column was the new machine of AMKODOR, the wheeled tractor AMKODOR 5300, class 5, with an articulated frame and a 330 horsepower engine, still not manufactured in Belarus before. It is designed to perform highly-intensive agricultural works.

The range of loaders was represented by the AMKODOR 330CE model designed for the use in construction, municipal industry and agriculture, sea and river ports, in warehouses where efficient work in a limited space is required, and by the front-end single-bucket loader AMKODOR 371 which manages heavy soils during excavation and loading operations. AMKODOR 352C-02 is equipped with a silo separator which makes it indispensable in agricultural production. Multipurpose skid steer loaders - AMKODOR 211E and new machines which are being prepared for series production, - AMKODOR 308 and AMKODOR 208E  allow to perform significant scope of works in constrained conditions, and a forklift AMKODOR 451A is designed for handling and transportation of different cargoes for short distances.

The audience of the parade saw telehandlers AMKODOR 527 and AMKODOR 540-70 - multi-purpose machines of compact class to perform works in low-rise construction and agriculture.

In the festive column there was also the front loader AMKODOR 732. It can perform simultaneously different functions of bulldozer, scraper, etc. It can be used for work in construction, municipal and agricultural industries. 

At the end of the column there was the heavy forestry machinery - harvester AMKODOR 2561 and forwarders AMKODOR 2661-01 and AMKODOR 2662-01. Forestry machines made an invaluable contribution to the solution of the problem of rectification of the consequences of the hurricane in July 2016.

At the end of the parade on 3 July, eight of the 14 samples of the AMKODOR machinery are presented at the exhibition of samples of the Belarusian mechanical engineering products in Minsk.