Annual meeting of the AMKODOR shareholders has taken place

On 21 March an annual meeting of the shareholders of the Open Joint Stock Company AMKODOR, holding managing company, took place.

Having heard the report of the Director General of the Company V. Ivankovich on the results of financial and economic activities for 2016, the Meeting participants approved key performance indicators for 2017 to ensure profitability of sales in industry; the rate of growth in exports of goods by 2016 of at least 200 percent; to maintain break-even work; to reduce costs for production and sale of products; energy saving indicators, etc.

The Chief Accountant of the Company S. Bolkun and Chairman of the Audit Commission of the Company L. Ratnikov addressed the audience with the report and co-report on the agenda “Approval of the annual report, annual accounting (financial) statements for 2016”. The shareholders approved the annual report and the annual accounting (financial) statements for 2016, as well as made decisions on a number of other issues of the Company's activities.

The new members of the Board of Directors of the JSC AMKODOR, holding managing company, were elected, headed by A.Shakutin.