Dzerzhynsk presented the AMKODOR-SEMASH holding and held an opening ceremony of the Elezer plant

On 13 June 2017, Dzerhynsk, a town in the Minsk region, presented the AMKODOR-SEMASH holding and held an opening ceremony of the Elezer plant.

It was a big day. Ceremoniously, it was announced about establishment of a new machine manufacturing holding which will be the flagship for establishment and series production of the machinery for rural areas. 

Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus V. Semashko, Deputy Minister of Industry of the Republic of Belarus D. Korchik, representatives of the regional executive committees of Belarus, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the JSC ASB-Belarusbank V. Ananich, Director General of the JSC Promagroleasing A. Poznyak, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the JSC Belagroprombank A. Lysiuk, heads of the Republican Mass Media – Director General of the CJSC Stolichnoe Televidenie Y. Koziyatko and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the CJSC Vtoroi Natsionalny Telekanal M. Markov, President of the Dzerzhynsk Regional Executive Committee N. Artiushkevich, Director General of the Republican Association Belagroservis N. Lisai and many other people took part in the ceremonial event.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of the AMKODOR holding A. Shakutin and heads of all plants and holding business units and enterprises related to it met the guests.

The ceremonial events started with the opening speech of Mr. V. Ivankovich, Director General of the JSC AMKODOR, holding managing company.

Then there was the exhibition performance of the AMKODOR machinery which demonstrated its operating capabilities.

In addition, the presentation showed new machines, such as the pilot model of the high power tractor with articulated frame AMKODOR 5300 equipped with 330 h.p. engine, telescopic handler AMKODOR-540-70, loader AMKODOR 308 with the carrying capacity of 600 kg, feed dispenser AMKODOR CCP12, multipurpose loader AMKODOR 352C-02 equipped with weighting device, loading equipment AMKODOR 141 (with tractor BELARUS 82.1) and other machines and components.

Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus V. Semashko and Director of the JLLC Elezer A. Knyazev cut the red ribbon to the applause of those present having symbolized that a new enterprise focused on the production of postharvest grain handling machines and land cultivation was included in the machine construction complex of Belarus.

Then the guests examined new production facilities equipped with modern processing equipment.

The task of the AMKODOR-SEMASH holding is to master the production of the whole range of agricultural machines, equipment and units within the short time corresponding to the world’s standards, and arrange modern production facilities with a high extent of automation and mechanization of the production process.

AMKODOR-SEMASH will manufacture agricultural units and land cultivation machines (tills, harrows, rippers, combined units); sowing machines (sowing machines, sowing complexes and landing and planting machines); watering and fertilizing machines (machines for organic and mineral, liquid and solid fertilizers, irrigation systems); plants protectors (self-propelled, trailed and attached sprinklers); machines for harvesting leguminous plants; machines for harvesting root crops and tuber crops; post-harvest grain handling and storage machines, trailed and attached working attachments for agricultural machines.

The holding development concept is targeted at 100% import substitution and production localization within the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

Nowadays the AMKODOR-SEMASH holding manufactures more than 700 different machines and it is being designed about a hundred of new units.

To implement the developed concept of the AMKODOR-SEMASH holding development, in the near years it is to reconstruct the existing plants, to bring in a proper state production facilities, to purchase modern high-performance equipment for blanking and welding industries, machining, surface preparation for painting, as well as for painting complexes.

In total, more than USD 150 million is planned to be invested in the establishment of facilities for the production of agricultural machines and units.