Holding Pilot Plant Held Corporate Party “Children are the Future of AMKODOR”

On 1 June, in the Children’s Day, the AMKODOR holding held a corporate party “Children are the future of AMKODOR”. The festival has already become traditional but in this anniversary for the AMKODOR holding year it was arranged in a special format.

For the first time the celebration was at the parent holding enterprise Udarnik plant. More than 350 children of the holding employees from all parts of the country took part in the celebration.

The AMKODOR machinery in operation was shown to the children and the demonstration program was even more interesting and bright than before.

For the first time in addition to the traditional workshops “I would like to be a blue-collar worker – please train me!”, “Here machines are assembled”, “Marketing Academy”, “Courses for Plant Management”, the following workshops were added such as “Safe Work is Our Concern” where the children were acquainted with the profession “Health and Safety Engineer”, as well as with the profession “Quality Engineer” at the workshop “Quality is our Standard”. 

The children saw the robotic complex with a mechanical “hand” in operation, tried to manipulate the forestry machinery simulator’s leverage. Depending on their interests, managed by the experts of the enterprise, they assembled electrical circuits, installed a wheel of a loader at the assembly line, operated processing center from the control panel, acquainted with the basics of marketing and logistics, tried themselves in the role of Quality Engineer and even the plant Director, new a lot of new about occupational health and safety. Everything was vivid and real, even bonfire which was imitating fire, real firefighters from Sovetsky District Department for Emergency Situations of the capital who came in the fire truck were assisting children in fire extinguishing.

During the whole celebration the children were showing a keen interest to what was happening, and many were saying that they would like to manufacture real heavy trucks when they grow. 

Still, it's great to be a child in our country where there is such a choice of professions and places of work!