Minister of Orenburg region: “We saw nice machines and people who make them”

On 17 January 2017, the delegation of the Orenburg region (the Russian Federation)headed by M. Maslov, Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Orenburg region – Minister of Agriculture, Food and Processing Industry of the Orenburg region visited the JSC AMKODOR, holding managing company. The delegation included heads of district administrations, as well as the owner and manager of the LLC Agrocenter.

The guests visited the permanent exhibition of samples of the holding products and received detailed information on the presented machinesprovided bythe experts of the marketing center of the enterprise.

Then there were negotiations on the prospects of cooperation, and during the negotiations the parties raised specific issues of the supply and maintenance of the machinery.

The delegation members proposed the establishment of a dealer center in Orenburg based on Agrocenter, as well as to consider, in the ongoing programs in the Orenburg region, procurement of machines and grain cleaning and drying complexes of the AMKODOR holding and, in particular, the LLC Amkodor-Bryansk which is a part of the holding.

“The good news is that we have joint plans and solutions. We like everything in Belarus. The first thing we like is a special relationship of people to the production, and due to this relationship it exists and develops.AMKODOR showed us not only ready-made products but also modern mechanisms used for the production. We saw nice machines and people who make them. It is good that the enterprise actively functions and is technically advanced. I have no doubt about quality of the manufactured machines. I am sure that the machines will be in demand in the Orenburg region,” – said Mr. Maslov.

During the visit of the delegation to Belarus, Minsk hosted the meeting of the joint working group on cooperation of the Republic of Belarus and the Orenburg region.It is expected to have a reciprocal visit of the Belarusian party to the Orenburg region in May or June of the current year. Representatives of the AMKODOR holding are planning to visit the region too.