Prime Minister of Belarus Expressed his Appreciation to the Designer of AMKODOR Forestry Machines

Deputy General Designer of the AMKODOR holding, General Designer of Forestry Machines Andrey German is honored to have gratitude from Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus for scrupulous strong performance, significant achievements in professional activity and personal contribution to the development of Belarusian science. 

Forestry machine engineering started in the General Designer Department of the AMKODOR holding in 2004. For a very short time in terms of world engineering, the holding has mastered a series production of 17 modern models of forestry machines, four more models are being tested. All of them allow us to apply the most advanced technologies in forestry.

The AMKODOR holding produced its 800th forestry machine in 2016.

  As the ten-year practice shows, the AMKODOR brand machines are able to successfully compete with analogues of world brands in its performance. For example, in 2011 the harvester AMKODOR 2551 showed more performance than the Ponsse Beaver in a competition - for a nine-hour shift, the domestic machine harvested 460 cubic meters of wood against 390 cubic meters of wood from a foreign competitor. Another figure: the average productivity of AMKODOR 2551 harvesters is 250 cubic meters of wood per shift - this is the same as about 20 lumberjacks with chainsaws.

During rectification of the consequences of the hurricane which destroyed over 14 thousand hectares of forest last July in six regions of Belarus, due to the use of motorized machines such as harvester and forwarder about 10 million cubic meters of timber was harvested within three months. At the same time more than two thirds of machines used for this important governmental task were AMKODOR machines. They successfully accomplished the task notwithstanding the fact that the works were carried out at wind breaks, extreme conditions where it’s impossible for a person with a power saw to get through. 

Nowadays every agricultural institute of the Republic has forestry machines of the AMKODOR brand. Hundreds of machines are supplied to the Russian Federation. Consumers are already convinced that at relatively low prices, the harvesting machinery of the AMKODOR holding is also paid back quite quickly due to minimum costs per cubic meter of the harvested timber and high performance.

 The high quality of the AMKODOR machinery shows, for example, that all production stages are certified according to the world standards STB ISO 9001-2009 and DIN EN ISO 9001-2008. The enterprise is awarded with the prize of the Government of the Republic of Belarus for achievements in the field of quality. The results of implementation of the most significant developments of the holding are included in the List of Innovative Products of the Republic of Belarus.

In terms of sales of forestry machinery, in the Russian market the AMKODOR holding has been ranked 3rd after the world's leading manufacturers (JOHN DEERE, PONSSE) since 2014, being ahead of KOMATSU. The share of the AMKODOR machinery on the Russian market is about 12%, and the share of the AMKODOR forwarders is up to 15%.

We congratulate the distinguished Mr. German with the award and wish him new success!