Representative of the CJSC Amkodor-Pinsk Took the Second Place in the National Championship WorldSkills Russia-2017

A representative of the CJSC Amkodor-Pinsk was awarded a second-degree diploma according to the results of his participation in the final of the V National Championship of the Russian federation “Young Experts” — WorldSkills Russia which took place on 16-19 May 2017 in Krasnodar.

The CJSC Amkodor-Pinsk was represented by a welder Sergey Matskevich at the competition “Welding Works”. The right to take part in the championship final WorldSkills Russia-2017 Sergey got as a result of the victory in the II Republican contest of professional skills “WorldSkills Belarus – 2016”.

WorldSkills is an international nonprofit movement which aims at improvement of prestige of blue-collar jobs and development of professional education. The Republic of Belarus officially became the 68th member of the international organization WorldSkills International in 2014.

Now Sergey is planning to take the first place as part of the Republican team at the International championship of professional skills WorldSkills International which will be held in October of the current year in Abu-Dhabi (the UAE).