The results of the Joint Work of the AMKODOR Holding and Minsk Motor Plant

On 24 May, the heads of the AMKODOR holding and Minsk Motor Plant have resumed the results of the year joint work in a new format.

​Both creation of a new engine and a new AMKODOR machine are complex tasks which require coordination of activities in many areas. At the same time, both enterprises are distinguished by a more intensive involvement of new developments. Their heads are convinced that quick response to the customer requests allows developing in difficult market conditions.

To jointly achieve the best competitiveness, a work group was formed in June of 2016 including experts and senior technical managers of the holdings. The main task for the group was to make planning for a medium-term prospect, to coordinate activities of both enterprises in terms of developing new machines and improvement of the already existing products.

​The results of the joint work for an incomplete year are already impressive. The exhibition BELAGRO-2017 will present a mini-loader  AMKODOR 308 equipped with a new engine 4DT (cubic capacity of a cylinder is 2,2 l).   The new family of front-end loaders which production is going to be mastered by the AMKODOR-MASH plant under construction in Kolodishchi, will be equipped with both upgraded versions of the engines D-245/260 well-known to the consumers and a new 4-cylinder engine with the cubic capacity of 3,6 l. Several machines equipped with engines D-262S2 of an increased cubic cylinder capacity will be introduced too. It is decided to equip the front-end loader AMKODOR 371, forestry machines AMKODOR 2561, AMKODOR 2562 with this engine. Such engine is used in an experimental sample of AMKODOR 5300 tractor which is being preliminarily tested.

​The results of interaction of the AMKODOR holding and Minsk Motor Plant are recognized as efficient. It has been decided to continue further work in this direction.