Trade and Service Center of the AMKODOR Holding Opened in Grodno after Reconstruction

On 23 September, timed to the celebration of the Grondo Day, there was a grand opening of the trade and service center Amkodor-Grodno designed for sales, maintenance and repairs of the holding machinery. 

The center was established on the basis of the abandoned production center. The rooms of the center have become modern workshops for service maintenance and repairs of the AMKODOR machinery, and a huge ground was adapted for the exhibition of the machinery samples. As of today, the trade and service center of the AMKODOR holding in Grodno is one of the best centers in Belarus. 

V. Ivankovich, Director General of the JSC AMKODOR, holding managing company, noted at the opening ceremony of the trade and service center that the development concept of the AMKODOR holding included not only establishment and sales of   innovative machines but also their service and maintenance. Following the program of the AMKODOR holding, each regional center had its service center providing the entire range of warranty and post warranty services, and Grodno was one of the examples. 

He pointed out that trade and service centers similar to the one in Grodno should be opened after renovation in all regional centers. They would correspond to the European level: this applies not only to the technical equipment of the center itself but also to the level of technical preparation of personnel and even to the exterior of buildings. It is worldwide recognized practice to handover the machinery maintenance, including municipal machinery, for outsourcing. More and more companies decide to give these or those operations to the professional producer of services. Nowadays, Grodno region has about a thousand of operating AMKODOR machines. For the last four and a half years the company has supplied 118 different machines to the region.

As M. Goy, President of the Grodno Urban Executive Committee, pointed out that the modern center would be in demand because many urban municipal enterprises had AMKODOR machinery and were going to purchase it in the future. It was not required any more to repair the machinery by own efforts, at the same time the machines could be purchased with the delay of payment. 

Mayor of the town also thanked the heads of the company for the exhibition of new machinery during the celebration of the 889th anniversary of the regional center. In addition, due to the opening of the trade and service center AMKODOR in Grodno, several dozens of new jobs appeared. The new center would minimize standing time of multifunctional machinery.

For reference. Amkodor-Grodno, the trade and service center of the AMKODOR holding, has been established by the LLC TECHPROMIMPEX according to the decision of the Board of Directors of the JSC AMKODOR, holding managing company, sells the AMKODOR holding products to the consumers of the Grodno region from April of 2013. In 2013 the LLC TECHPROMIMPEX purchased from the Production and Processing Equipment Agency Grodnomeliovodhoz the building placed at the address 22 Promyslovy proezd.

The building was modernized according to the project designed by the LLC ZOV-Project. The amount of investments of the LLC TECHPROMIMPEX to the purchase, construction and development of the trade and service center Amkodor-Grodno was USD 1 752 thousand.

The structure of the trade and service center Amkodor-Grodno has the following departments: Machinery Sales Department, Spare Parts Sales Department, Service Maintenance Department, Technical Support and Repair Service Department, Security Department.

The production premises has repair facilities, including:

- site for pre-sale preparation, diagnostics and service maintenance, current repair of the machinery;

- repair site of hydromechanical transmissions;

- repair site of axles;

- repair site of fuel equipment.

The main emphasis in the warranty and service maintenance of the machinery is made on mobile on-site teams. Each team has its own car and personal tools which allow make machinery repairs off-line on-site.

In addition to the shipment of the AMKODOR holding machinery, for the period from 2013 – to the 6th month of 2017, the Grodno region got the machinery maintenance services for the amount of 459.18 thousand rubles; non-warranty machinery was repaired on a paid basis for the amount of 187.68 thousand rubles.