AMKODOR Machines are Presented at the International Specialized Exhibition Belagro-2018

On 5 June 2018, the trade and logistics center Globus-park situated in the agricultural settlement Shchomyslitsa near Minsk opened the 28th International Specialized Exhibition Belagro-2018, the main exhibition for manufacturers of agricultural machines and agricultural workers of Belarus.

Manufacturers of products for village from 28 countries took part in the exhibition. AMKODOR machines occupied the central place in the agricultural machines exposition. 


Deputies Prime-Minister of the Republic of Belarus Vladimir Semashko and Mikhail Rusy, Minister of Industry Vitaly Vovk, Minister of Agriculture and Food Leonid Zayats, member of the Board (Minister) of Industry and Agricultural Sector of Economic Commission for Europe Sergey Sidorsky, Governor of the Vologda region of the Russian Federation Oleg Kuvshinnikov took part in the opening ceremony of the exhibition.

On the first day of the exhibition, there were many guests at the AMKODOR holding exhibition booth – heads of state bodies, enterprises of machine engineering sector of Belarus, agricultural sector, experts in the agro-technical sector, and prospective users of machines.

Governor of the Vologda region of the Russian Federation Oleg Kuvshinnikov and accompanying experts visited the holding exposition. 

The delegation of the Murmansk region headed by the First Deputy of the Governor A. Tiukavin and the Minister of Transport and Road Facilities D. Sosnin visited the AMKODOR holding machines exhibition.

In addition, the delegation of the Sakhalin region headed by the Minister of Forestry and Hunting of the Sakhalin region V. Kornev visited the AMKODOR machines and attachments exhibition.

Belagro-2018 ends on 10 June.