First AMKODOR Forestry Machines Assembled in Lithuania

In February of 2018, the CJSC AMKODOR BALTIC situated in the Republic of Lithuania assembled the first AMKODOR forestry machine. 

Mastering of production at its own enterprise at the territory of a member state of the European Union is stipulated by the strategy to starts selling forestry machines at the European market which is one of the largest in the world. 

When manufacturing AMKODOR 2662 forwarders, the necessary requirements of European consumers are taken into account.

In the future it is planned to increase the scope of production and a range of manufactured forestry machines. 

AMKODOR BALTIC plant, included in the AMKODOR holding, has successfully undergone the audit and production certification.

To confirm high quality and correspondence to the European standards, VSIA "STC" (Latvia) Certification Body issued CE certificate for AMKODOR 2662Е forwarders.