The First Batch of AMKODOR Forestry Machines was Supplied to the Republic of Kazakhstan

On 19 March 2018, Kyzylzhar district of the North-Kazakhstan region held celebrations due to commissioning of the first batch of forestry machines of the AMKODOR holding supplied to the Republic of Kazakhstan, namely: harvester AMKODOR 2551 and forwarder AMKODOR 2662.

The events were attended by the representatives and experts of the AMKODOR holding, LLP Amkodor-Astana, as well as Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control of the Republic of Kazakhstan, heads of forest sector, their deputies and experts, forest users of long-term forest management – about 60 people in total.

After presentation of the AMKODOR holding forestry machines which took place in the Mayor’s Office of Kyzylzhar district, there was a meeting with the participation of representatives of the Foundation of Science, Committee of Forestry and Wildlife of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Then the participants of the events moved to the production base of the forest user FE Ahmutdinov С.О. where the demonstration of AMKODOR machines in operation took place.

During discussions and exchange of views, the experts of forestry sector of Kazakhstan highly estimated capabilities and technical and economic characteristics of AMKODOR machines, and expressed interest in their practical use in their farms.

Successful talks were held with the Head of the FE Ahmutdinov С.О. about establishment of the AMKODOR trade and service center based on the enterprise.