The presentation of the renovated enterprise "Amkodor-Mozha"

The presentation of the modernized plant of LLC Amkodor-Mozha, which is part of the AMKODOR holding, took place in Krupki. The event was attended by Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration of the Republic of Belarus D. N. Krutoy, Chairman of the Minsk Regional Executive Committee A. G. Turchin, Assistant to the President of the Republic of Belarus A. N. Kosinets and other representatives of the executive and legislative authorities of the country.


In 2020, the company implemented an investment project with an investment volume of 10 million bel. rubles.


The unique sheet metal profiling lines and rack profile for the production of silos parts by the Turkish company UNIMAK are assembled in the workshop.


A laser sheet cutting line of the Belgian company LVD is also installed and equipped with a flexible automation system. The equipment was created according to an individual project and has no analogues on the territory of Belarus.


Chairman of the Minsk regional executive committee A. G. Turchin, general director of JSK "AMKODOR" – holding managing company" A.V. Efimov "and director of LLC "Amkodor-Mozha" A. G. Ladovsky took part in the ribbon-cutting ceremony, which opens the updated production.


In addition to the results of the investment project, the participants of the event were presented the products of LLC LLC "Amkodor-Mozha" for the agro-industrial complex, as well as machines and equipment that have been tested and prepared for mass production at the enterprises of the AMKODOR holding:


Fodder mixer-distributor of AMKODOR IN the MIX 9H-1SH;

Semi-trailer distributor of solid mineral fertilizers RMU-10;

Universal semi-trailer PPU-30;


One of the most high-performance in the world grain pneumatic seeder SEP-12 "Veras" with a hopper of 6000 liters, high-precision seeding of up to 400 kilograms of grain per hectare and the possibility of leveling the pre-sowing bed;

As well as the mobile grain cleaning line MZL-25/5 "Lilya" for cereals, legumes, cereals, designed to produce up to 25 tons of commercial grain or seed material per hour. The analog of the line is produced only by the German company PETKUS.


The company "AMKODOR" will continue the course of modernization and development of production facilities of its enterprises and the creation of new models of modern equipment for various sectors of the economy.