“AMKODOR” develops lithium-ion batteries for its equipment

During 2019-2020, Production Unitary Enterprise "Amkodor-Radian" (part of JSC "Amkodor-Belvar"), in scientific and technical cooperation with the Joint Institute of Mechanical Engineering of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, developed lithium-ion batteries for electric forklifts and electric trucks manufactured by JSC AMKODOR, the holding's management company.

The "Joint Institute of Mechanical Engineering of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus" has the necessary testing equipment, and most important -employees who have been developing an electric bus, an electric utility vehicle, a Belarusian electric ice filling machine and other electric-powered equipment, including software for them, for more than two years. "Amkodor-Radian" and another company of JSC "Amkodor-Belvar" - the Unitary Enterprise "SVT Plant" - in recent years have also accumulated expertise in the production of traction batteries and electronic components for maintenance and control of their condition.

The use of lithium-ion batteries is expanding significantly in the world. They are used not only in electric transport, but also in the electric power industry, on lifting machines, in telecommunications systems; in solar systems; in railway transport; in uninterruptible power supplies. In general, it is used everywhere where energy conservation is required for next use.

In fact, new technologies have revolutionized electrical engineering, rapidly replacing lead-acid batteries. The reason lies in a number of very significant advantages. For example, the service life of lithium-ion batteries (3000-5000 charge-discharge cycles) is 2-3 times longer than of lead-acid batteries. They don’t require controlling the level and refilling of the electrolyte, which means that there is no need for its preparation, training of service staff and the allocation of specially equipped rooms for charging. Honestly speaking, a lithium-ion battery, just needed to be connected to a special socket anywhere and at any time (for example, during a lunch break), because it doesn’t emit aggressive acid vapors and is without a memory effect. The latter is very important, because new technologies allow you to recharge a partially discharged battery without any damage to it a lot of times.

The tightness of the new batteries is a guarantee of their safety in the food and chemical industries, as well as in fire-hazardous industries.

Among the advantages of lithium-ion batteries are small weight and size (2-3 times less than traditional ones), fast charging (3-7 times), long continuous operation time (up to 8 hours or more with partial recharges). 


One of the first 48V 350ACH batteries created at the "Amkodor-Radian" is currently undergoing factory tests at the "Amkodor-Unicab" enterprise.


It is installed on the AMKODOR E16 electric forklift truck with a load capacity of 1600 kg instead of the lead-acid 48V 500Ah.

The tests are successful and according to experts ' calculations, the operation of such a loader will recoup the cost of purchasing a lithium-ion battery for 2.5 years, while the owner will only save more than 7 thousand rubles on reducing electricity consumption during this time. And after that, the battery life is still far from being used up, the remainder will be another 2000-4000 charge-discharge cycles.


In the future, new batteries are also planned to be equipped with electric fork-lift trucks AMKODOR E25 and platform electric trucks AMKODOR EP20 and AMKODOR EP30.

In the meantime, testing of the AMKODOR E16 with a new traction battery continues, the company is working on creating prototypes of new models of lithium-ion batteries of various capacities, which, without a doubt, are the future.