AMKODOR has created its own manipulator for logging equipment

Together with the General Designer's office, Amkodor-DOMZ has created a model of a 10-ton AMKODOR 2310 universal timber semi-trailer with a manipulator of its own production, AMKODOR KF4556, equipped with an AMKODOR KG20 grab. The machine is designed for collecting, loading and transporting assorted materials and other round timber on the territory of cutting areas and logging roads. The semi-trailer is aggregated with the forestry tractor "BELARUS" MUL1221, as well as other tractors of the traction class 2.0.


Among the advantages of AMKODOR 2310:

- operation period of up to 10 years due to the use of high-strength steels in the construction;

- use of tires of the standard size 20.0/60-22.5 (or 500/55-17) with a ply rating of 16;

- the possibility of using the extension of the cargo compartment, the installation of the hydraulic system for turning the drawbar, the installation of the drive pump;

- maintenance of semi-trailers in the warranty and post-warranty period on the basis of trade and service centers of the "AMKODOR"holding

The prototype of the semi-trailer was tested in real conditions when working in forestry enterprises in Belarus. The reviews were positive and a number of cars have already been purchased by users, including in the Russian Federation. According to the experience, the average productivity was 700-800 cubic meters of wood per month. The semi-trailer has proven to be reliable and easy to maintain. Among its advantages are an affordable price, good maneuverability, cross-country ability and stability due to the use of a hydraulic system for turning the drawbar, wide tires and a low center of gravity, as well as the reliability of the hydraulic system, the effectiveness of the brakes.


Initially, the semi-trailer is equipped with imported manipulators, but today the holding company is preparing to offer consumers a car with the forward manipulator AMKODOR KF4556, which is not inferior to foreign analogues and created in full compliance with modern world requirements.

On the output link of the manipulator, a suspension, a rotator and a grab are installed. The design allows you to accurately bring the grab to the selected assortment for lifting and loading. The manipulator provides the ability to reach a distance of up to 5.6 meters! At the same time, the minimum load capacity at the maximum range is 500 kilograms. The average service life is at least 8000 hours, and this adds up to years of work.


Currently, the AMKODOR 2310 timber semi-trailer with a manipulator of its own production, AMKODOR KF4556, is being tested in real conditions of cutting areas. Already the first results suggest that AMKODOR has made a new big step towards import substitution, while reducing the cost of its products for consumers. The association again managed to create a successful sample of equipment, in which forestry enterprises have a constant need.