New model of" AMKODOR" snow clearing equipment

This winter turned out to be very snowy, on the streets of all our cities and most cities in Europe, municipal equipment is working hard, removing the consequences of weather surprises.

The municipal utilities of the Republic of Turkey faced the same problems. Despite the fact that we are used to see this country as a warm and comfortable resort, in its mountainous regions, the fight against snow drifts is no less intense. And it actively uses the machines "AMKODOR", which are already quite well known in the local market.

Wheel loaders AMKODOR 37 and a skid steer loader AMKODOR 211E are being successfully operated in the eastern regions of Turkey.


And recently, the first wheel loader AMKODOR WLC12L1 was delivered to the Erzurum city. the new machine is designed for loading into vehicles not only freshly fallen or compacted snow, but also chipped ice, previously collected in shafts and heaps. The car is equipped with front and rear controllable wheels, which provides small turning radii and movement of the so-called "crab stroke". In addition, it is very productive – it can load up to 430 cubic meters of snow and chipped ice into the car body per hour.

Undoubtedly, the delivery of a new model of snow cleaning equipment will significantly increase the efficiency of the public services of the Republic of Turkey.