"Praleska" invites the guests

Пралеска1.jpg The "Praleska" sanatorium is a part of JSC "Amkodor-Belvar" and is located in the resort area of Zhdanovichi (6 km from Minsk) in a picturesque dry pine forest, 300 m from the Krinitsa water reservoir and 500 m from the Zaslavsky water reservoir (Minsk Sea).

The sanatorium has an excellent infrastructure for a comfortable stay and a wide medical base for restoring health and efficiency. In this place, we will help you to pass diagnostics on the equipment that meets all modern requirements, to cope with diseases of the circulatory system, digestive organs, respiratory organs, musculoskeletal, connective tissues, and many others.

Due to its unique location, equipment and a wide range of services, the "Praleska" sanatorium is rightfully considered a resort of national significance, welcoming guests all year round.

Detailed information about the sanatorium is available on its website and in our video.