The device AST-01 – the healing light in your hand

CJSC "Amkodor-Belvar" has created a new medical device-a compact light therapy device AST-01 for individual use.


The medical properties of light with a certain wavelength have been known for a long time. Its use for medical purposes is called chromotherapy. When the light impacts on the human body, some of the rays of the visible spectrum are reflected, but up to 60% are absorbed, having a biological effect. Moreover, the violet rays penetrate into a depth of 1 mm, and the red ones-up to 3 cm.

Under the influence of light, various physical and chemical effects occur. In particular, the energy of the vibrational processes of atoms and molecules increases, which cause a feeling of pleasant warmth. At the same time, the biological activity of the molecules increases and primary photoproducts are formed, which serve as a trigger for useful photobiological processes. 

The AST-01 device has a therapeutic effect, affecting the skin with blue and red rays with a wavelength of 470 nm and 625 nm in the continuous mode and in two modes of pulsed radiation. 

Blue light has a relaxing, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect, increases gas exchange, reduces blood viscosity, destroys bilirubin and lowers blood pressure. 


Red light stimulates hematopoiesis, has a positive effect on the activity of the musculoskeletal system, kidneys and liver, improves local blood circulation, increases the temperature of tissues, removes congestion in tissues and organs, has an immunostimulating, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect.

The device is designed for the prevention and treatment of immunodeficiency; influenza, bronchitis and other colds; hematomas, bruises, joint diseases; burns, frostbite, difficult-to-heal wounds; acne, rashes and various skin diseases; toothache. It also helps with conditions that arise as a result of stress and sports overload. 

AST-01 is compact, fits well in the hand and weighs only 220 grams. It does not need batteries – the device works from a regular outlet. 

The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus has registered the AST-01 light therapy device and allowed its production, sale and medical use on the territory of our country.