The Governor of the Brest region visited LLC "Amkodor-Pinsk"

Chairman of the Brest Regional Executive Committee U.V. Shuleyko visited the enterprise of the holding company LLC "Amkodor-Pinsk".

He visited the exhibition of samples of special machines produced at the plant, which presented the grader AMKODOR G160, articulated dump truck AMKODOR 20232, AMKODOR 6632 combined self-propelled vibrating roller, AMKODOR 732, AMKODOR 702EA-01 and AMKODOR 702EM-03 backhoe loaders.

Among the presented novelties was also an innovative model of the vibration self-propelled two-roll articulated road roller AMKODOR RT140A, developed in LLC "Amkodor-Pinsk" with the support of the innovation fund of the Brest Regional Executive Committee.


The AMKODOR RT140A has a modern design and is equipped with high-tech mechanisms. It has a rear oscillating and front vibrating rollers with variable vibration direction.


The machine is designed for effective compaction of asphalt concrete surfaces and their crushed stone, gravel, slag bases in the construction and repair of highways, airfields, and industrial sites. The need for such equipment is very high due to the moral and physical aging of the equipment available today to the operating organizations.


There was also an inspection of the production areas and modern equipment that the plant is equipped with.



During the business meeting of the governor with the management of the "AMKODOR"holding, the prospects for the development of the enterprise, the expansion of the product range and the increase in the volume of its supplies, including to consumers of the Brest region, were discussed.