History of the company

History of the company

The history of the enterprise has 93 years. Over the years, the enterprise has grown from a small factory producing toys into a major mechanical engineering association of a holding type. AMKODOR holding includes 29 economic entities, including a managing company consisting of three factories and a representative office in Moscow. 

Today the model range of the AMKODOR holding products includes over 120 models and modifications of machines popular in many countries around the world. 

The company's products are successfully competing with foreign counterparts in quality, performance; they have much more attractive price, cost of spare parts and services. However, it took a long way for the company to get these modern achievements. 

1 February 1927 is the date of establishment of the JSC AMKODOR, holding managing company. The date is the day when a work team producing children's toys was established by the order of the Minsk district work teams association. Later on, the work team was renamed into the toy factory Vozrozhdenie. The factory was producing children's sledges, strollers and bicycles, containers and kettles, wicker furniture and gypsum bas-reliefs. 

In September of 1930, upon the initiative of the work team, the Vozrozhdenie factory was renamed into the Udarnik plant. 

During the World War II the plant was bombed many times and was almost completely destroyed. 

The restoration works of the plant started in the first several weeks after the liberation of Minsk city from Nazi invaders. The manufacturing machines miraculously preserved and extracted from the fragments of the workshops were used for manufacture of cast iron molds, window and door fittings, pans and galvanized buckets. Construction of new buildings of the Udarnik plant started only in 1949. 

In April of 1951, the plant was transferred to the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Road Construction and Construction Mechanical Engineering of the USSR, followed by the production of road and earthmoving machinery. The plant began to actively develop new products, and already in May of 1951 it produced the first earthmoving machine KM-800. Later, it started series production of bucket crawler loaders, forest trench machines, bucket pneumatic forklift trucks, snow blowers, snow loaders and etc. 

The first truck on its own chassis with articulated frame was produced in 1970. This was the famous TO-18, the prototype of today's trucks AMKODOR 332 and AMKODOR 333. The machine sweetly called “TOshka” by people was distinguished by maneuverability, reliability and ease in operation. 

The production of single-bucket wheel loaders has played an important role in the mechanization of construction and road works, as well as for municipal engineering of our country. The customers loved the new machine and it earned a good reputation. The loader TO-18 was awarded the State Quality Mark, and in 1975 the machine was awarded a Gold Medal VDNKh (All-Union Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy) and Diploma of I degree of the exhibition. 

According to a joint decision of the Ministry of Heavy Engineering Industry of the USSR and the Minsk Research and Production Association of Road Mechanical Engineering, in April of 1991 the JSC AMKODOR was established on the basis of the Udarnik plant through transformation of the Minsk Research and Production Association of Road Mechanical Engineering.

Nowadays the AMKODOR holding is the structure uniting 29 economic entities.

The JSC AMKODOR, holding managing company, represents the industrial sector. The company includes centralized management structures and 3 units without forming a legal entity – the Udarnik plant, the Dormash plant, the Dormashmet plant, as well as the CJSC AMKODOR-UNIKAB, the CJSC Amkodor-Pinsk, the JSC Amkodor-Unimod, the JSC Amkodor-Belvar (its structure includes such unitary enterprises as the SVT Plant and Amkodor-Radian), the CJSC Amkodor-Spetsservice and its affiliated branch Amkodor-Gomel, the LLC Amkodor-Moja, the JSC AMKODOR-SEMASH, holding managing company, the CJSC Amkodor-Lit, the LLC Amkodor-Bryansk (the Russian Federation), the UE Amkodor-Logoysk, the JSC Amkodor-KEZ, the UE Amkodor-DOMZ, the JV LLC AMKODOR-AGROTECHMASH (the Republic of Uzbekistan), the LLC AMKODOR-Mash.

The AMKODOR holding includes also includes dealers, such as the LLP Amkodor-Astana (the Republic of Kazakhstan), the FE LLC AMKODOR-TASHKENT (the Republic of Uzbekistan), the LLC AMKODOR-BAKU (the Republic of Azerbaijan), the LLC Amkodor-Ukrospetsmash (Ukraine), Amkodor Palash Industrial Zone Ltd. (the People’s Republic of Bangladesh).

The LLC AMKODOR Design-Center, the LLC AMKODOR Finance, the JSC Amkodor-Shklov, the JSC Novogorodishchenskoe, Praleska health resort, the UE Amkodor-Torg perform auxiliary, social and reactive functions. 

Due to the continuous creative application of the accumulated long-term experience in the design and manufacture of the machinery, even today the projects of the JSC AMKODOR, holding managing company, can boast the trends of the future.

The company is constantly upgrading its entire range of the machinery taking into account the latest demands of the XXI century. The company aims at manufacturing multifunctional machines with contemporary design and comfort for a driver. In order to maintain the company products competitive and to allow the products compete with the leading global brands, serious attention is paid to quality, improvement of maintenance and warranty services. To this end, the AMKODOR holding has everything, namely modern equipment, technologies and competent personnel. 

February 1, 1927
As a part of the Minsk district association of labor collectives of the People’s Commissariat of BSSR’s Labor, the labor collective for the production of children toys was established. Primitively equipped workshops were manufacturing beds and sleds, children bicycles, cans and kettles, toys and furniture made of osier, busts and bas-reliefs, papier-mâché articles.
The labor collective for the production of children toys was converted into Vozrozhdenie factory.
The main building of Vozrozhdenie factory was built.
Vozrozhdenie toy factory was moved into a new three-story building situated on 5 Vyazemskaya Street.
Vozrozhdenie factory was transferred into the state ownership and became a part of Belmetalassociation of the Supreme Council of the BSSR National Economy.
Vozrozhdenie factory was renamed into Udarnik plant which began to produce commodity decimal scales with the carrying capacity of 200 kg and 500 kg and three-ton wagon scales.
Udarnik factory mastered the production of spring scales, nickel-plated locks and scales for weighing of loaded cars.
The first well-equipped building of Udarnik plant was built.