Member Factories

AMKODOR is a structure uniting 30 enterprises.

The industrial direction presents AMKODOR OJSC - managing company of holding, " Udarnik", "Dormash", "Dormashmet" and representative office of OAO AMKODOR-managing company of holding "in Moscow, and also JSC of AMKODOR-UNIKAB", JSC "Amkodor-Pinsk", JSC "Amkodor-Unimod", JSC "Amkodor-Belvar" ("Plant SVT" and "Amkodor -Radian "), JSC of Amkodor-Specservice and its branch Amkodor-Gomel, AMKODOR-SEMASH OJSC, is a managing company of holding (LTD. Amkodor-Mozha is included in his structure), LTD. "Amkodor-Bryansk" (Russian Federation), unitary enterprise of "Amkodor-Logoisk", JSC "Amkodor-KEZ", unitary enterprise of "Amkodor-DOM ", SP of LTD." AMKODOR-Agrotechmash "(Republic of Uzbekistan), LTD." AMKODOR-Mash ", LTD.

In composition holding of "AMKODOR" also enterprises-dealers - LLP "Amkodor-Astana" (Republic of Kazakhstan), ИП of LTD. "AMKODOR-TASHKENT" (Republic of Uzbekistan), LTD. "AMKODOR-BAKU" (Azerbaijanian Republic), LTD. "Amkodor-Ukrospetsmash" (Ukraine), "Amkodor Palash Industrial Zone Ltd". (Republic of people's of Bangladesh), LTD. "AMKODOR-Component".

The health center Praleska, the UE Amkodor-Torg perform auxiliary, social and recreational functions of the holding.