“Amkodor – Belvar” JSC


In 1939, at the factory of «Derevoobdelochnik» began the construction of the first Belarusian radio plant – the Minsk Radio Plant.

November 6, 1940 was held the first meeting in honor of the beginning of the plant and output of the first production line - receivers «KIM», «Pioneer». This day is considered to be a birthday of the Minsk Radio Plant. So, the origin of the radio-electronic industry in Belarus has begun.

Since February, 1945 the production of the first postwar goods is beginning. These were: aluminum cookware, burners for oil lamps, agricultural implements, plugs and other consumer goods. In February, 1946 the Minsk radio plant was re-established, the output of main products has started – radios «Partisan» and «Pioneer». In 1950 the plant began the production of radio equipment.

In 1958 Minsk radio plant was transformed into the Minsk Instrument (Lenin’s) plant. In 1971, on the grounds of Minsk Instrument Plant was created the Minsk Production (Lenin) Association (MPA).

Till 1991 the company pertained to the USSR's Military-Industrial Complex and had produced dosimetric, metrology equipment and special-purpose machinery for the Ministry of Defense and the Soviet Navy. After USSR collapse, the plant undergone deep transformation.

In 1992 the Lenin MPA is reorganized into the Belarusian Production Association of radiotechnics (engineering) - «Belvar». In 1996 the company was transformed into the State enterprise «Belvar». The production of state awards of the Republic of Belarus is beginning. The factory has mastered its first state award: «The Medal of Mother». Currently, there are 8 medals and 38 badges of honor of the Republic of Belarus have mastered and produced here («Honored» and «National»). Factory Quality System, among the first introduced in the Republic of Belarus, is certified under European system of international standards - ISO 9000.

In 1997, as a result of incorporation of the state factory «Belvar» was created an open JSC «Minsk Instrument Plant».

In 2011, the JSC plant changed its owner and on October 27, 2011, at a shareholder’s meeting have been made a decision to rename JSC «Minsk Instrumental Plant» into JSC «Amkodor-Belvar».


The parts of the JSC «Amkodor-Belvar» are:

  • The parent plant
  • UE «SVT» factory
  • UE «Radivan»
  • UE «Kvadranit»
  • Techno – Commercial Home «Amkodor - Belvar»
  • Self-Supporting structural Unit Sanatorium «Praleska»
  • Recreation Center «Rudakovo»
  • Children’s recreation Center «Domanovo»

The JSC «Amkodor-Belvar» is a legal entity, has separate property, independent balance, bank accounts.

The number of employees at the JSC «Amkodor-Belvar» on 31/10/2011 is of 1609 people, including engineers and technical personnel – 542 (34%), workers – 1067 people (66%).


1) The Foundry

A foundry is producing castings of aluminum alloys on die-casting machines. The production is equipped with horizontal casting machines with cold compression chamber with closing force of 160 ton up to 630 ton and a mass of 0, 005 kg of castings up to 4,5 kg. The volume of processing is up to 500 ton per year. The main part of the foundry equipment is under the age of 20 years and above. In 2011 the modern foundry complex of aluminum high-pressure die-casting has been (was bought) purchased.

2) The Machining production

In the Machining production are processing steel details, non-ferrous metals and alloys of other structural materials, including steel castings and aluminum alloys are processing. The park of cutting equipment consists of the following groups:

  • Automatic equipment;
  • NC-machining technique;
  • All-purpose machine tools: lathes, milling, drilling, grinding, gear cutting machines , etc.

3) The Tool production

The Tool production specializes in design, manufacturing of high-precision tooling and a wide range of cutting, measuring and auxiliary tools. For more than 20 years, the factory has been producing tool equipment to meet its needs as well as the others.

More than 200 units of the factory’s equipment are being exploited. Along with the equipment, made in CIS countries, there is the equipment of the leading machine-tool companies such as:

  • Jig grinders, HAUSER;
  • Milling companies MAHO, MIKRON;
  • Electro erosive firms AGIE, CHARMILLESTECHNOLOGIES;
  • Optical grinding firm WASINO, PeTeShe;
  • Grinding Company JONES-SHIRMAN

4) Production of plastic details

In-process materials:

  • Polystyrenes;
  • ABS plastic;
  • Flexible PVC;
  • Polyamides;
  • Glass filled polyamides;
  • Polyformaldehydes;
  • Polyamide composition;
  • Low-pressure polyethylene;
  • High-density polyethylene;
  • Polycarbonates;
  • Polypropylenes;

In all, there are 33 injection molding machines of 1980-s production. In addition, in 2010-2011yy, were bought 7 modern injection molding machines of Chinese origin.

5) The Commutator motors production

The main equipment for commutator motors productions are: the stator winding machines, the armature winding machines, boiling collector equipment, balancing machines, groove collector machines.

6) The Cold stamping

The factory has a section of single-crank presses from 60 KN to 2500 KN. There is also an automatic section, equipped with all-purpose forming machines, for example: GRM, Beeler, RASTER, AA7211, A7115, and also a sector with program-controlled presses such as: BehrensV-30, Baltek PVA-610 CNC.

Altogether 26 presses of the 1970s are operated.

7) Galvanic production

It has the possibility to produce the following coatings:

  • Zinc chromate
  • Nickel matte;
  • Bright nickel matte;
  • Anodizing;
  • Anodizing in the color of coating;
  • Electropolishing of stainless steels

There are hand-baths for all the types of galvanic coatings. The max dimensions of the coated details are 1000*150*600.

8) Paint-and-lacquer coating

The workshop can cover steel and aluminum details, its alloys by any paint materials, inflicted by pneumatic spray.

9) Production of assembly

Assembly and mounting production provides the final output of units and devices. For this purpose at the factory there are automated installation of components on printed circuit boards using surface mounting and MSM (Philips) line. In addition, modern solder paste reflow ovens in the IR.

Products, manufactured by JSC «Amkodor-Belvar»

Parent Plant
Consumer goods (FMCG):

  • Kitchen electrical machines (meat choppers);
  • Electric mixers;
  • Electric irons;
  • Electric steamers;
  • Hand electric machines (lawn mowers);
  • Compact heaters;
  • Electric water heaters;
  • Details for consumer goods.

Medical equipment:

  • Magnetic therapy devices;

State awards:

  • Medals, orders;

Industrial cooperation:

  • Frame PC 2004-00.003;
  • Cover PC2004-00.004;
  • Measuring detector leakage current ISTU-1;
  • Measuring leakage current ITU-700;
  • Voltage changer PN-3;
  • Control block BU-1;
  • Frames with the board.

Radio measuring equipment (techno complete set for the plan «CBT»):

  • Multimeters;
  • Voltmeters;
  • Oscilloscopes;
  • Frequency meters.

The plant «CBT»:

  • All-purpose oscilloscopes;
  • Digital oscilloscopes;
  • Signal generators;
  • Power suppliers;
  • Dosimeters;
  • Calibrators;
  • Digital voltmeters;
  • Digital electro-metric voltmeters;
  • Frequency meters;
  • Hand-held multimeters;
  • Clamp;
  • Analytical noise analyzers;
  • Dento-meters;
  • Active computer protection device.

The factory «Radian»:

  • Starter batteries.

The factory «Kvadranit»:

  • Equipment production service
  • Details production service

The growth rate of production of JSC «Amkodor-Belvar» in comparable prices in 2010 towards 2009 was 128%. In turn, the volume of sales in 2010 increased by 41,4%. The foreign trade balance in 2010 towards 2009 increased by 39,4%.

Management of JSC «Amkodor-Belvar»
Parent Plant:

Director General: 
Andrey Tsurikov
tel.  (+37529) 628 99 50
Deputy Director General in charge of Production:
Viktor Tuminsky
tel. 8 (017) 284 45 66

Deputy Director General in charge of Marketing and Sales:
Sergey Prokopovich
tel. 8 (017) 293 99 63

Deputy Director General in charge of Ideological Activity, Staff Relations, Social Issues, Behavior and Civil Defense:
Grigory Korzh
tel. 8 (017) 293-09-61

Deputy Director General in charge of Economy and Finance:
Anna Semkina
tel. 8 (017) 292 46 84

Chief Engineer: 
Nikolai Balysh 
tel. 8 (017) 293 97 61

General Accountant:
Acting Olga Zholnerovich
tel. 8 (017) 293 09 63, fax 8 (017) 293 97 66 
Head Receptionist:
Marina Tikhonova
tel. 8 (017) 293 94 05, fax 8 (017) 331 36 92

Administrative Office:
tel. 8 (017) 293 99 84, fax 8 (017) 331 41 97

PUE The factory «CBT»:
Konstantin V. Ryabokon
Phone (+375 17) 293-94-68, fax: 284-46-27;
Deputy Production Director:
Vera V. Deresh
Phone: (+375 17) 293-97-99, fax: 290-28-59;

UE «Radian»:
Ivan S. Drutko
Phone: (+375 17) 299-44-10, fax: 299-49-09;

UE «Kvadranit»:
Victor I. Tuminsky
Phone: (+375 17) 296-65-10, fax: 331-44-97;

Sanatorium «Praleska»:
Gregory G. Kooten
Phone: (+375 17) 544-90-85, fax: 544-90-93;

Children’s recreation center «Domanovo»:
Alexander I. Gushan
Phone:(+ 375 17 67) 51-8-51; Fax: 51-8-52;

Contact of JSC «Amkodor-Belvar»
Parent Plant:
220005, Republic of Belarus, Minsk, Independence Avenue, 58
Phone (reception): (+375 17) 293-94-05, fax (reception): (+375 17) 331-36-92;
Website: www.amkodor-belvar.by
E-mail: amkodor@belvar.by

PUE Plant «CBT»:
220005, Republic of Belarus, Minsk, Belarus, Independence Ave, 58, room 30
Phone: (+375 17) 293-94-68, fax: 284-46-27;
Website: www.zsvt.by
E-mail: sales@zsvt.by

UE «Radian»:
220109, Republic of Belarus, Minsk, Academik A.K.Krasin St, 201
Tel: (+375 17) 299-44-10, fax: 299-49-09;
E-mail: plant-radian@tut.by

UE «Kvadranit»:
220005, Republic of Belarus, Minsk, Independence Avenue, 58
Tel: (+375 17) 296-65-10, fax: 331-44-97;

Sanatorium «Praleska»:
223028, Republic of Belarus, Minsk region, Minsk region, Zhdanovichi
Tel: (+375 17) 544-90-85, fax: 544-90-93;

Children’s Recreation Center «Domanovo»:
Republic of Belarus, Minsk, district Molodechno, Myasotsky s / s
Phone: (+ 375 17 67) 51-8-51; Fax: 51-8-52;