“Amkodor-Bryansk” LLC


The Limited Liability Company «Amkodor-Bryansk» was founded in August, 2009, on the basis of the signed agreement on cooperation between the Bryansk region Administration and the «Amkodor» JSC. This agreement is aimed at strengthening economic ties between the two fraternal countries. Since then, the LLC "Bryansk Amkodor" has been engaged in assembling and implementing a wide range of special equipment.



«Amkodor -Bryansk» LLC is a legal entity enterprise, with separate property, independent balance and bank accounts.

The company is situated in the area of 32,396 sq. m. On the grounds of the company are located open-air spots, workshops and special structures, a loading and unloading area that is equipped with a crane and rail tracks with 2.616 sq. m. in size.

The size of the staff employed currently at the factory «Amkodor-Bryansk» is just about 20 people.


The following products are being presently manufatured at the company

  • AMKODOR 332В – Wheel loader;
  • AMKODOR 333В – Wheel loader;
  • AMKODOR 342В – Wheel loader;
  • AMKODOR 352– All-purpose loader;
  • AMKODOR 332С4– All-purpose loader;
  • AMKODOR 7840 – Rotor-milling snowplow;
  • AMKODOR 7840-03 – Rotor-milling snowplow;

All the produced models are certified in the Russian Federation.

As the official representative of «Amkodor» JSC in Bryansk region «Amkodor - Bryansk» offers a wide range of machinery and equipment produced in the Republic of Belarus,. In its model line – the road-building, municipal, snow and airfield removers, agricultural machinery, peat industry machines and other special high-tech level vehicles.


Alexander Grabovsky
General director
(4832) 73-31-13
Alesya Chernysh
Deputy Director General in Charge of Commercial Affairs +79191933181
Elena Haritonova  Chief accountant    


«Amkodor-Bryansk» LLC, Fosforitnaja St, 1 "B",Bryansk, 241047, Russian Federation

Сайт: www.amkodor-bryansk.ru
E-mail: amkodor-bryansk@yandex.ru