“Amkodor-Mozha” LLC


In 1948 in village Krupki machine-tractor station (MTS) was founded, in 1958 it was transformed into the technical repair station(TRS). In 1961, based on the repair station was created regional agricultural association, which in 1986 transformed into «Raiagropromtechnika». In 1992, based on this plant LLC «Amkodor-Mozha» was created. The organization became the affiliate of the JSC «Amkodor» and began to provide technical service in agricultural industry.

Originally specialized in the production of road rollers only, the required production the factory gained by starting the production of grain dryer SZK-8, developed by constructors of the JSC «Amkodor». In 1995 the company began the production of grain-cleaning drying machines ZSK core type, productivity is of 10, 15, 20 tons per hour. Since 2008 the production of ZSK with shaft dryers, productivity is of 15, 20, 30, 40, 60, 80 tons per hour, has mastered. It is a kind of mini-workshops for grain processing after its harvesting. Besides, there are the only complexes of such power work on all types of fuel, including firewood and rapeseed oil.


The LLC «Amkodor-Mozha» is a legal entity with its separate estate, independent balance and bank accounts.
The total area of the factory is 6,22 hectares, industrial premises - 970 sq.meters.
The number of employees at the LLC «Amkodor - Mozha» on 01/10/2011 is of 297 people, including 80 engineers and 217 workers.



Processing production equipment:

  1. CNC horizontal borers;
  2. Plasma arc cutting (ESAB, IGLE 2500, Germany);
  3. Welders (ESAB, Germany; Chebora, Italy);
  4. CNC press brake (Forina, Italy);

Deterioration of the main active production funds, which are on the balance of the company is 42,1%.

The growth production rate of the LLC «Amkodor - Mozha» in comparable prices in 2010 towards 2009 was 200%, in turn, the sales volume in 2010 increased by 255,6% towards 2009.

Over entire period produced:

  1. Complexes– 108 units.
  2. Heat generators АТ-0,8 — 206 units.,
  3. Air heaters VU-Т-1,5 — 212 units.,
  4. Complexes ZSK -40SH — 12 units.
  5. The company branched out into making grain-drying complex ZSK – 80SH with the modern grain cooling system, productivity of 80 pl.t./h.

Currently at «Amkodor-Mozha» LLC are mastered and produced:

I. System for grain cleaning and drying;

1. ZSK-15,20,30 column type grain dryers;

2. ZSK-30, 40, 60, 80 shaft type grain dryers;

II. Column type grain dryers SZK-10, 15, 20;

III. Shaft type grain dryers SZSh (СЗШ) -30, 40, 50, 60.

IV. Air heater VU-Т-1,5 on solid fuel. VU-ZH-2,0 on liquid fuel. VU-G-2,0 on gaz.

V.(Hay) Stack mover STP-2

VI.Self-propelled vibrational roller AMKODOR 6223A.

Engineering department is working to improve produced machines in order to increase its safety, improve design and competitiveness. According to the main operating data machines are at the level of foreign analogs.


«Amkodor-Mozha» DIRECTOR:
Pyotr Shlyaev

First Deputy Director:
Vladimir Boundary
tel. +375 (1796) 26 454

Deputy Director for Production:
Gennady Selishchev

Marketing and Sales Director:
Andrey Ladovsky
the body. +375 (1796) 26401


Moskovskaja St., 18, Krupki, Minsk District, 222001, Belarus
Tel/fax +375 1796 26 138
E-mail: ammoja@yandex.by