“Amkodor DOMZ” UE


The year of foundation of Dzerzhinsky experimental mechanical plant is considered to be 1929 when in Coydanovo place (from 1932 is Dzerzhinsk town) was founded handicraft factory «Slon» which produced metal beds from raw materials delivered from Moscow, Petrograd, Ural. Later the factory was renamed to company of hardware products “Krasny shtampovschik”. In June 1956 the company “Krasny shtampovschik” was reorganized to “Dzerzhinskiy opitno-mekhanicheskiy zavod”. The plant essentially extended its borders by increasing of manufacturing capacity, put into operation machine-building workshop, built new unites, set up new production. During this period beside previous list the plant manufactured for peat industry: railmotor cars, crawler trucks; for agriculture - band conveyer;  for machine-building and construction industries – diamond-tipped grinding machines, semiautomated machine for brick cutting; for food industry – can washer, potato-starch machine, vibrowashing machines. Further the plant got the name Далее завод получил название MRUE “ Dzerzhinskiy opitniy mekhanicheskiy zavod” but July 15, 2014 in order to carry out the executive order of the President of the Republic of Belarus № 89-рп “On the alienation of the enterprise as a property complex” from 07.05.2014 AMKODOR-holding managing company JSC bought MRUE “ Dzerzhinskiy opitniy mekhanicheskiy zavod ”. Henceforth DOMZ has been one of the subsidiaries of AMKODOR holding.


Director: Gennadiy Pasevin

(+ 375 44) 555 39 80

Chief of engineers: Anatoliy Shimanovich

(801716) 5 56 98

Chief accountant: Inna Dergay

Phone (801716) 5 54 85


222720, M.Kazeya st.,31, Dzerzhinsk, Minsk region, Republic of Belarus

Receptionist: Yelena Koltan

Phone (801716) 5 56 60