“Amkodor-Torg” UE


In 1993, based on the factory's canteens pertained at that time to «Amkodor» JSC, the company «Hastsinny nadvorak» was created. In 2003 it was transformed into a unitary enterprise «Amkodor-Torg». The main activity of the enterprise is public catering, retail trade, providing hot meals to the workers, students, and other customers. It has several available canteens-buffets in Minsk: Gikalo St, 7 (plant «Udarnik» location), Ponomarenko St, 7 (factory «Dormash»), in the village of Kolodishchi (factory «Dormashmet») and operates a confectioner shop.


The «Amkodor-Torg» is a legal entity enterprise, it has separate property, independent balance and bank accounts.

The total area of enterprise is about 3152 square meters, warehouse space - 79.7 sq.m., administrative and household grounds - 64.5 sq.m.

The number of employees on 01/10/2011 is of 34 people, including 7 labors and 27 workers.

The growth production rate of «Amkodor-Torg» over a period of 10 months of 2011 in comparable prices to 2010 was set at 102%, sales volume increased by 592 thousand rubles; return on sales - 7.6%.


«Amkodor-Torg» Director: Irina Forbotco 
Tel/fax: +375 17 292 42 15
Chief Accountant: Litoshko Natalia
Tel/fax: +375 17 292 42 15


UE «Amkodor-Torg»: Gikalo St. 7, suit 1-20, Minsk, 220071, Belarus